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Wednesday, Nov 18 2009 | 19:18 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6911“Big Sounds From Small Spaces” is the title of the debut album from Mr James Bright. Having secured notoriety from his limited cassette release “Turn Your Radio Off”, James returned to the countryside in 2008 to begin work on what would become his first full-length body of work. After penning the beginnings of several songs, Mr Bright took to the studios of London and New York to complete his compositions. Working with friends P*nut (Amy Winehouse, Faithless, Wiley) and Fear of Theydon (Sunday Best Recordings), James has established a hefty catalogue of rich musical outings; most of which feature on the record.

Such is James’ commitment to exploring multiple avenues of creativity, the remaining songs were developed in his own home and at local studios. Working alone or in collaboration with long time friend Gillan McLaughlin (Drummer – Me One), the true roots of his sound were unearthed and refined in order to round off the album. The outcome is a record that depicts the depth and variety in the Mr James Bright sound – from home recordings to epic studio cuts.

Key tracks on the album include “Gone”, “I Wish You Would”, “Shut Up Shop” and “Youre All I Need” – although you’ll find it difficult to shake off the multitude of hooks laced throughout the other tracks. Mr James Bright has been described as one of the top ‘Hip Hop Folk Rockers’ and “Big Sounds From Small Spaces” does everything to support that nomination.

As a testimony to James’ talent, his long-time idol, Shawn Lee (Ubiquity Records), agreed to appear on the album after hearing some of the early tracks. Shawn has provided sound tracks for several Hollywood blockbusters, as well as writing dozens of pop-soul hits. The track “You Won’t Back Down” is a powerhouse and a favourite amongst those at the label.

“Watch out world, Mr James Bright is about to invade your radio and it’ll never be the same again.” Rob da Bank (BBC Radio 1)

“I Wish You Would is brilliant” Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1)


01. Crying Shame
02. Gone
03. Right Infront Of Me
04. You’ll Know When You Get There
05. Lets Go
06. I Wish You Would
07. Junk
08. Shut Up Shop
09. You Wont Back Down feat. Shawn Lee
10. Philosophy
11. Repeat That
12. Somewhere To Go
13. The Big Bee
14. The Country Waltz
15. You’re All I Need
16. Your Heart Will Know

The album Mr James BrightBig Sounds From Small Spaces” (Tape Club) is going to be released December 11, 2009.

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