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Monday, Nov 16 2009 | 15:12 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6856It’s a common discussion: “which “Le Pop” album is the best?” The first? “En duo”? The fourth? “Les filles”? Here comes “Le Pop 5” and with it new fuel for the debate. Popular names like Benjamin Biolay, Vanessa Paradis and Dominique A are part of the team, as well as Mickey 3D, Holden, Nouvelle Vague singer Mélanie Pain (in a duet with Julien Doré), and Vincent Delerm. Also part of the team are exclusive Le Pop commitments Naim Amor and Marianne Dissard, both friends of Calexico. Completing the line-up are new discoveries Chat, Olive et Moi, Sammy Decoster, and Coeur de Pirate whose name is going to cause a furor. Le Pop Musik gather the protagonists who are shaping the neo-chanson-scenery with their new albums. Of course this selection presents only the best and most recent tracks.

The fact that “Le Pop 5” has a fresh and innovative sound more than ever comes due to the everlasting metamorphosis of most likely the strongest European music scene. In spite of the growing popularity of artists like Dominique A, Mathieu Boogaerts and Benjamin Biolay, these musicians keep on developing their style.

Dominique A, one of the pioneers of the scene, whose new masterpiece is simply called “La musique” (out on Le Pop Musik in Jan. 2010), is included here with “La fin d’un monde”, a beautiful, almost classical melody produced in a fascinating way and the perfect ambience for Dominique A’s inimitable voice. Mathieu Boogaerts thought of a more radical change: he took a leave from his habitual songwriting technique and turned to composing rhythm structures with a drum kit. The result “I Love You” is probably the most exceptional album of neo-chanson – “Allez” is our song of choice to exhibit artful and clever pop music. By contrast Benjamin Biolay stays in the tradition of the scene’s patriarch Serge Gainsbourg – although in doing so he reveals his very own grandeur as songwriter and composer. With the album “La Superbe” the artist has hit his interim peak, which “Ton heritage” underlines impressively.

After a baby break Vincent Delerm presents himself more laid-back and confident than ever. “Je pense a toi”, a track taken from his new album “Quinze chansons”, backs up this impression: Delerm has come to terms with himself and with his art. In the past years the former underground and the who’s who of pop closed ranks in France – on her last tour Vanessa Paradis was accompanied by some kind of Le-Pop-all-star-band. A collaboration with Albin de la Simone led to the duet “Adrienne”, released on “Le Pop 5” for the first time outside of France. A world premiere on “Le Pop 5” is “La plage”, an atmospheric duet by Bastien Lallemant and Holden singer Armelle Pioline in the best tradition of Nick Cave’s murder ballads.

The chanson sensation of the year comes from Montreal and answers to the name of Coeur de Pirate. The 18-year-old singer and pianist managed not only to impress the Canadian public, but beautifully reconciles radio suitability with indie-integrity everywhere “Comme les enfants” is heard. More good news come from Le Pop discovery Marianne Dissard from Tucson, Arizona. “Peau de lait” with its mysteriously twisted melody is the result of a summer trip to Italy. “Étre là” is a jazzy, rockabilly beat gem, and the contribution of new Le Pop family member and long-time Calexico collaborator Naim Amor.

“Le Pop 5” not only holds 14 new releases, among which are three world premieres – “Le Pop”-compilations are more than the sum of their parts: well-informed and with fine intuition for a successful dramaturgy the label makers again generated a sampler as eclectic as the scope of the French music scene.


01. Olive et Moi – L’Ascenseur
02. Chat – Harmony
03. Albin de la Simone & Vanessa Paradis – Adrienne
04. Dominique A – A la fin du monde
05. Sammy Decoster – Tucumcari
06. Naim Amor – Etre la
07. Bastien Lallemant & Armelle Pioline – La plage
08. Vincent Delerm – Je pense a toi
09. Eddy (La) Gooyatsh – Le velo
10. Marianne Dissard – La peau du lait
11. Benjamin Biolay – Ton heritage
12. Holden – Mia
13. Mathieu Boogaerts – Allez
14. Mickey 3D – Chanson du bonheur qui fait peur
15. Melanie Pain & Julien Dore – Helsinki
16. Coeur de Pirate – Comme des enfant

The compilation VariousLe Pop 5” (Le Pop Musik) is going to be released November 20, 2009.

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