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Wednesday, Nov 04 2009 | 15:00 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6699While Swollen Members may have enjoyed a successful career as one of the premier groups in underground hip-hop, when it came time to record their sixth studio album, they were forced to confront the skeletons that had been hiding in their closet. During the time the group’s new album “Armed To The Teeth” was taking shape, Swollen Members’ record label had collapsed, Mad Child was struggling with drug addiction and was embroiled in legal battles. His association with motorcycle clubs provoked police to swarm his house in full riot gear. With a desire to consistently raise the bar within the hip-hop genre, Mad Child and Prevail were inspired to beat back personal demons and concentrate on creating the most powerful musical statement of their career.

“It’s been a crazy few years for not only me, but also Swollen. I was in a very bad state for the last three years; drugs and an abusive lifestyle had gotten the best of me. I was severely addicted to Oxycontin, doing just over twenty 80mg pills a day, which equals the strength of about 320 Percocet pills. I became public enemy #1 with the cops due to my association with Hell’s Angels and other clubs and was under constant surveillance with wire taps, etc. There was a time when I couldn’t leave my house without being confronted by the cops. At least 3 or 4 police vehicles would show up every time I would get pulled over,” says Mad Child. “And with a diet of two quarts of ice cream a night, I gained a lot of weight and slipped into a very dark place. I was basically living in my theater room for the last two years and spent over half a million dollars on pills. I wasn’t paying attention to my business affairs either so I lost approximately two million dollars over the course of my addiction. I went from living the high life with girls, money and parties to watching movies in my theatre and being a zombie with only my dogs to keep me company. What I now realize is that I put the lives of many people on hold during my addiction. There are a lot of people that count on me and I know I let them down. Thank God I have a studio in my house and an amazing group who never abandoned me. The only good thing that came out of the last three years is the album we are about to drop.”

Vancouver-based Swollen Members have paid their dues and while they’ve tasted success in their homeland where the group is one of the top selling urban acts of all-time, they continue to work their way towards the top of the hip-hop totem pole. Swollen Members are ready to let the industry and fans know they are some of the most lethal MCs spitting in the game with the release of their new studio album “Armed To The Teeth”.

Founded by two of the game’s sickest MCs, Mad Child and Prevail, along with the help of DJ Rob The Viking, Swollen Members quickly became one of the most talked about groups in the west coast underground. After a series of 12″ singles and live performances, Swollen Members released their debut album “Balance” through the group’s own label, Battle Axe Records. The album quickly became a cult classic selling 90,000 copies and allowed them to tour relentlessly around the world.

Building on the foundation the group laid down with “Balance”, Swollen Members recorded their sophomore effort “Bad Dreams” and went from underground kings to being the most talked about group’s in hip-hop. The album’s universal appeal caught the attention of both underground and mainstream audiences and earned them a 2001 Juno Award (the Canadian version of a Grammy) for Best Rap Recording.

Since then the group has amassed an impressive back-catalog of albums, won numerous awards and collaborated with some of hip-hop’s biggest names including Nelly Furtado, Ghostface, Dilated Peoples and Everlast. Meanwhile the group has rocked stages from Tokyo to LA, performing hundreds of shows a year in front of massive audiences with underground legends like Tech N9ne to mainstream chart toppers like Sum 41, Black Eyed Peas and Avril Lavigne. They have sold over 650,000 albums worldwide without ever having a record deal.

Swollen Members have their sights firmly set on making a name for themselves in a hip-hop world crowded by gangsters and supermodels. The strength lies within the movement.

Recovered from drug addiction and revitalized, focused and stronger than ever, Swollen Members are armed and ready for war. Swollen Members’ heavily anticipated new studio album, “Armed To The Teeth”, features guest appearances from La Coka Nostra, Talib Kweli and Tech N9NE.

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