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Thursday, Oct 29 2009 | 18:54 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6629Mr. Chop, the multi-talented producer, engineer, and guitar-reared multi-instrumentalist behind a host of releases on Now-Again and Jazzman Records, couldn’t have foretold that the legendary rapper MF Doom would call him “the illest to grace the boards” after tapping into his otherworldly skills as co-producer/co-writer on a series of tracks on the recently released Born Like This album on Lex Records. Nor could he have foretold that Doom’s praise would lead to an offer to rework psych funk, jazz and rock covers of producer Pete Rock’s greatest beats.

Nor could he have called that Pete Rock’s long time collaborator, CL Smooth, upon hearing the versions of “T.R.O.Y.” and “Straighten It Out” would beg to record an album with him.

His is a unique take and has lead to an album that “the heads” will recognize by, say, the Tom Scott sax-line Pete Rock poached for “T.R.O.Y.”, or a host of other sample-based calls and response that Chop has deconstructed into their component parts and reassembled again. But his is an album that will appeal to music lovers, regardless of their musical leaning, as a master-class in fuzzy, funky grooves.


01. For Pete’s Sake
02. Good Life
03. Intermezzo 1
04. T.R.O.Y.
05. Intermezzo 2
06. Main Ingredient
07. Intermezzo 3
08. Mecca And The Soul Brother
09. Get On The Mic
10. Intermezzo 4
11. Straighten It Out
12. Intermezzo 5
13. Shut Em Down
14. Intermezzo 6
15. I Got A Love
16. The World Is Yours
17. Intermezzo 7

The album Mr.ChopFor Pete’s Sake” (Five Day Weekend) is going to be released November 13, 2009.

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