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Monday, Oct 26 2009 | 13:06 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6579Inspired by the finest old school hip-hop tunes “Crate Combination Vol.1” will take you on a beat journey to rhyme paradise! Tight hip hop sounds that remind you of Pete Rock, Shadow, Cut Chemist/Jurassic 5, DJ Format, The Roots and also James Brown will do their magic and enchant hip-hop lovers and those simply enjoying good music.

The idea to do something together was born after Kista decided to license one of 45 Prince’s songs for a compilation (“Audio Formation” – a very rare and hard to find dusty instrumental hip-hop album).

“We wanted to make music and pay tribute to the oldschool style without compromising trends or music industry standards”, says 45 Prince. One of the record’s goals is to show that sample music can be creative and soulful. Back to the roots: that’s their intention.

“Crate Combination Vol.1″ got a little help from some friends who added to the freshness of the record: Romanowski and Glammerlicious (producer of Main Concept) provide their skills as co-producers. And you can also find a variety of high quality guest vocalists such as: P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship), Tableek (Maspyke), Sumkid (San Francisco), Unknown Rasta and Rob Mackay. Last but not least guest scratchers DJ Format and DJ Bazil (True Flavaz Crew) add the final ingredient.
Tada! Dinner’s ready and best served steaming hot!

Kista, the Scarborough based producer, graffiti artist, DJ, and self-confessed vinyl junkie, originally made a name for himself with the classic 1998 cut’n’paste 12” “Organic Pulsation”. Following on from this early association with wax breaks, Kista became one half of beatmaking duo Adverse Effect. Not content with just making music, Kista set up and ran the small, now defunct independent hip-hop label Vapours, and released classic 12″s from the likes of instrumental hip-hop compilation “Audio Formation”. He also continues to push himself in his love for graffiti, losing himself in the art of complexed lettering and mad colouring schemes.

The 45 Prince has been musically active since 1985. Munich based producer, DJ, and also self-confessed vinyl junkie, made a name for himself with the classic 1999 rap funk 12″ “I Changed My Mind” which he produced with his Soul-Saints Production Team for Quannum’s Lyrics Born. 45 Prince later became one half of beatmaking duo OCB (together with San Francisco’s DJ Romanowski). He also provided beats for grafitti legend Rammellzee. 45 Prince runs independent funk label Field Records which reissued classic rare 45’s of Pan-Atlantics and Whitefield Brothers.


01. Brainwash (Intro)
02. Stupid Mutha feat. Tableek (Maspyke)
03. Off The Beaten Track (Interlude)
04. Devils Shoes feat. Sumkid & Rob Mackay
05. Mirrors (Interlude)
06. Talk With God (Instrumental)
07. The Rusty Organ
08. Grandmaster Majere feat. Sumkid
09. Moonwalk (Outro)
09. Up To The C-Ling (Intro)
10. Pushin’ To The Top Remix feat. DJ Bazil / True Flavas Crew
11. Diggin’ Skit feat. DJ Format
12. Dope Lova
13. Kingston (Interlude)
14. Out Of Sight feat. Unknown Rasta
15. Grillen (Interlude) feat. OCB
16. All Over You / No Class feat. P.E.A.C.E.
17. Pulse (Outro)

The album Kista & 45 PrinceCrate Combination Vol.1” (Unique) is going to be released October 30, 2009.

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