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Thursday, Oct 01 2009 | 14:59 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6268Dr. Strafe, funk master extraordinaire and all round electro b-boy, is the man behind this finely tuned blend of funk, old skool hip hop, electro, breaks and rave with a sprinkling of speed garage, drum & bass, and a tablespoon of groovy shiznit.

Rob Sayles aka Dr Strafe is the Bristol based DJ/producer who was originally active as a DJ/promoter on the drum & bass scene for several years, running a renowned night called ‘Stealth’ which featured many big name DJs like Bad Company, Ed Rush and Moving Fusion.

Having then had his ears opened to the funkier side of things by acts such as RJD2, Breakestra, Quantic, or Bonobo, he began to incorporate all his new favourite sounds and influences into the deeply groovy stew he is now renowned for. Refocused, Dr Strafe aims to produce modern funk music that tries to add something new or something from other styles of music like breaks, house, etc., as he feels funk can be incorporated into almost any genre of music with fantastic results if it’s done right!

“Like In The Deal” fuses all these influences: contemporary breaks and beats with retro movie soundtracks that evoke car chases and bank heist themes, blended with Motown sounds from the 1960’s and 70’s along with retro gaming effects, namely 8-bit Nintendo and C64 style music.

The result of his endeavours speaks for itself. Hear dark rave undercurrents mashed into 70’s funky brass parts of “Popcorns Groove”, the jazz guitar that rides the JB style groove of “Acapulco Nights”, the massive hip-hop breaks that provide the relentless drive of “New Orleans Acid”.

“Like In The Deal” is a 21st century tour-de-force that brings together all the best elements of 40 years of soulful dance music. Not just old, not just new, just good.

“Dr. Strafe, funk master extraordinaire and all round electro b-boy, is the man behind this finely tuned blend of Funk, Old Skool Hip-Hop, Electro, Breaks and Rave … with a sprinkling of speed garage, D&B, and a tablespoon of groovy shiznit!”


01. The Doctor Is In
02. Vice City
03. Acapulco Nights
04. Casino Funk
05. Disco In Reno
06. Bogota Bullion
07. Coin-Op
08. Jazz Hands
09. New Orleans Acid
10. Popcorns Groove
11. Snake Eyes

The album Dr StrafeLike In The Deal” (Freestyle Records) is going to be released October 16, 2009.

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