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Monday, Sep 28 2009 | 13:30 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6224Siri Svegler is a true kid of the 80s, at least on her birth certificate. But it’s a fact that luckily is not reflected in her music which is just timeless and elegant. From early childhood the young Swede has been prancing through the world with open ears and a vision for beauty. Just out of her diapers she took dancing lessons, and, later acting classes, and left her home for London in 2000, to start studies at the Arts Educational Schools. From there it was just a tiny step to a role in Wolfgang Petersen’s historical epic “Troy” (2004) – alongside Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Peter O’Toole.

But Siri returned to music and started a close collaboration with high-class jazz pianist, conductor and arranger Christian Vaughan. Quite overwhelmed by her voice, Vaughan commissioned leading musicians from London’s jazz scene and put together a new band to provide the right framework for her talent. Another completely different project was indie rock band Guido Sol, where Siri was lead singer for over a year. After a few years in London, with lots of different musical influences, Siri felt it was time to breathe some new air, while the urge to focus on her own songwriting and on making her own music grew stronger. She decided to move to Berlin in 2007.

In this music metropolis she soon got to know producer Frank Schellenberger and started working on an album containing many of the songs that she had been writing during her period in London, as well as coming up with new material in Berlin. They opted for the independent label Compost Records which gave Siri the opportunity to freely express her creativity and develop her first solo album without pressure and stress.

Siri Svegler creates and presents her music with easiness and amusement. Perhaps that is the secret that turns her into an insider tip of the line. The result of the pretty productive collaboration is named “Silent Viewer”, and the first single from it, “Their Wine”, is keeping the promise of the album, which will be released in September 2009. “Silent Viewer” is a little jewel – unique like the singer herself.


01. Their Wine
02. Empty Box Of Candy
03. Silent Viewer
04. Coming Up Roses
05. One Step Forward
06. I’ve Been Waiting
07. Dreaming Is Over
08. Empty Masquerade
09. Not Worth It
10. Painkiller
11. Won’t Let The Demons In

The album Siri SveglerSilent Viewer” (Compost) has been released September 25, 2009.

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