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Friday, Sep 25 2009 | 15:28 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6202Auteur Jazz is a new project led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Antti Hynninen. The debut album “Aphorisms” combines cinematic soundscapes with a refreshing take on dancefloor jazz aesthetics.

Antti Hynninen is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Helsinki. In the past couple of years he has been applying his vision to more than 30 albums, mostly in the field of contemporary soul and funk. Now is the perfect time to let the man introduce his new project, Auteur Jazz.

Auteur Jazz debuted with the EP “Two Jaguars In Warsaw” (RT025), released by Ricky-Tick in 2008. Already on the single release, Auteur Jazz presented a sound that has remarkable depth while keeping your fingers snapping at the same time. With the title of the EP Antti Hynninen, being a cinema fanatic, slyly refers to Roman Polanski’s classic film “A Knife In The Water”. The EP’s uptempo groovers “Two Jaguars In Warsaw” and “Gui Do” quickly made it into the repertoires of top-notch jazz DJ sets around the globe. This, of course, wasn’t a hard prediction to make at the time of the release, for in addition to all the necessary dancefloor temperament, Auteur Jazz possesses rare charisma and craftsmanship galore.

This all leaves us in the delicious position of buckling up and getting ready to receive the first serving of the complete Auteur Jazz menu. “Congo Square” is as a noteworthy starter for the album, strolling away at ease with the aid of a lush arrangement that’s strikingly visual. “Kill You Alive”, along with “Tomorrow Knows” introduces the vocal talent of Sara Sayed, a rising figure in the Helsinki scene, and one to keep your eye on.

When listening to the material on the album, it is remarkable to note that Auteur Jazz completed the larval stage of its development only fairly recently. The nine tracks are each balanced in terms of composition and instrumentation in a way which might hint at years of polishing, rather than a fresh up-and-comer on the verge of releasing a debut LP. By the time you reach the meditative closing track “Najgo”, Auteur Jazz has completed the cinematic audio mosaic that is “Aphorisms”. The album reaches far and wide with its signature sound and has all the features of contemporary jazz with an extended shelflife. For best results, listen with mental Cinemascope.


01. Congo Square
02. Killy You Alive feat. Sara Sayed
03. Who Struck John
04. Marbles
05. Tomorrow Knows feat. Sara Sayed
06. Two Jaguars In Warsaw
07. Gris-Gris
08. Uruguayo
09. Najgo

The album Auteur JazzAphorisms” (Ricky-Tick) is going to be released October 16, 2009.

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