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Friday, Sep 18 2009 | 15:33 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

6083“The Bleeding Edge”, the debut full length album release from Brooklyn, NY-based sextet The Revelations featuring Tre’ Williams includes “I Don’t Want To Know”, a track that has become a radio favorite throughout the South with airplay in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Charleston, Columbia, Augusta, Columbus, Little Rock, Montgomery, Norfolk and other markets.

Fronted by the intensely soulful Williams, The Revelations line-up includes hip-hop veteran and former Roc-a-fella artist Rell who is Williams’ co-lyricist and vocalist. While the Revelations have been compared to soul greats of the past, the group’s attitude is decidedly contemporary and far from retro. Tre’ Williams, a product of the projects of Daytona Beach, made his way to New York where his church-honed artistry and searing sound earned him acclaim from the notoriously critical Amateur Night audience at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Accepted by the Rap community, Williams has been associated with such artists as Nas, whose Ill Will Records released “Let There Be Light”, a single from Nas’ “Hip-Hop Is Dead” album that featured Williams. Rell is likewise a multi-dimensional talent who has worked with such notable artists as Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre. His “Love For Free” became something of a club anthem and recently he wrote “Here I Stand” the Grammy-nominated title track to Usher’s 2008 album.

“Raw, funky deep soul from Brooklyn based Tre Williams and the Revelations – with a sound rooted in the classic southern sounds of Hi Records and others, but feels fresh and current – not so much in the throwback vein of others in the soul and funk underground – but a timelessly gritty sound!”

“They play with the intensity of those who have nowhere to look but forward, and will fight to make sure that’s the direction they’re going. Williams’ voice is close to the bone but full of fire and longing, the kind that comes along once every generation if we’re lucky.”


01. Stay Free
02. Graceful Bow
03. The Truth Shall Set You Free
04. Let’s Straighten It Out
05. How Do I Tell Him
06. Sorry’s Not Enough
07. Everybody Knows
08. I Don’t Want To Know
09. Because Of You
10. Cheatin’/Secret Lovers
11. It’s Too Late
12. Remember The Last Time
13. I Won’t Let Go
14. Heavy Metal Blues
15. He’s A Hustler

The album Revelations feat. Tre WilliamsThe Bleeding Edge” (Decision) is going to be released October 9, 2009.

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