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Thursday, Sep 17 2009 | 18:14

5942Two turntables and a funky piano – step into the world of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop! Marc Hype began his DJ career, inspired by the late great Jam Master Jay in 1988 and went through the several decades of hip hop with countless releases, tours and competitions like the ITF championships, which he won twice (in 1998 & 1999). During this time he collaborated and recorded with artists like Juice Crew legend Masta Ace, Souls Of Mischief, DJ Z-Trip, Killa Kela & Mr. Lif. Over the years his record collection and his musical mind expanded and led him to all kinds of funky music.

Jim Dunloop began to train as a classical piano player at the age of four. At his minor age he was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Bruback, leading to a keen interest in jazz music. He quickly developed his knowledge of the creative works of many great jazz/funk pianists such as Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Chick Corea, and Adam Makiewicz.

In the year 2004 they both met in Berlin for the first time and quickly started to collaborate. Their first vinyl releases on the infamous Milk Crate label, “The Antique Anthem”, “Bombay Raw” & “Finale 74”, were very succesful in the worldwide dj-circuit, followed by a cover version of Babe Ruth’s “The Mexican” in 2006, which was dubbed by UK’s Jazzman Gerald as “the” version to have. On the remix tip they built a strong reputation with works for artists like All Good Funk Alliance, Deela or Kid Gusto. Their past tour schedule proved their ability to rock internationally with stops allover Europe as in NYC, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Dubai, Israel, and Australia. The live performance of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop is best defined as a mix of DJing, Turntablism and the highest of piano art. Together they gain 50 years of musical experience!

“Stamp Out Reality” is the musical manifesto of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop. A diverse mix of different styles which reflects their unique live concept. On the one hand you have classic hip hop joints like “Predominant” ft. Mr. Lif or “Oh Really” ft. Mr. Complex. On the other you might be listening to Miami’s Old School Funk legend Blowfly on “The Pussy Song”, cuban diva Malena Perez from NYC on the latin influenced “Rare Occasion”, heavy break stompers like “Wah Wah Wah” or a funk cover version of the 80’s electro classic “Al Naafiysh”. The concept of the album is to display the diversity of the two maestros, coming from different backgrounds, met inside the hip hop culture and travelling through the paths of 21st century funk.


01. Stamp Out Reality
02. Metropolis Funkiest Boomin feat. B. Worrell (Puppetmastaz)
03. Point Blank
04. Rare Ocassion feat. Malena Perez
05. Ghetto Of The Mind feat. Flomega
06. Oh Really? feat. Mr. Complex
07. The Pussy Song feat. Blowfly
08. Predominant feat. Mr. Lif
09. Wah Wah Wah
10. The Mexican feat. Sara De Bourgeois
11. Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
12. It Was A Very Good Year feat. Lady Daisey

The album Marc Hype & Jim DunloopStamp Out Reality” (Melting Pot Music) is going to be released October, 2009.

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