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Friday, Sep 11 2009 | 13:28 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5996After gaining high praise for his previous productions on both the Firecracker Recordings 10″ series and Prime Numbers E.Ps including tracks such as “Miles Away”, “R.I.P”, “Piece Of Mind” & “Lost Experiment” we release “System”, the debut album from Nick Moore aka Linkwood.

“System” clearly shows the breadth of Linkwood’s influences with a spectrum of styles confidently blended including 80’s boogie, detroit techno,house and deep soul. From start to finish the album is brimming with the drama of integral, subterranean dance music. “Robot Parade” and “Clearing The System” heavily pay homage to Kraftwerk and detroit techno, “Falling” and “Fudge Boogie” burn bright with essential boogie ingredients, “Chicago” references the raw sound of house clubs like the Warehouse and Music Box, “Tears” is an epic soulful boogie production, “Nectarin” a Larry Heardesque piece. Whilst being reflective of all this Linkwood manages to weave his own feel, sound and style throughout the album.

The album has been meticulously engineered and produced giving a distinctly powerful and affecting finish to all the tracks. Collaborating with Linkwood are Fudge Fingas, who features on keys on several tracks and the singer, comedian, entertainer Reggie Watts, who provides the vocal for “Tears”.


01. Carbon Units
02. Robot Parade
03. Tears
04. Falling
05. Pumpernickel
06. Fudge Boogie
07. Chicago Pt 2
08. Electricity
09. System
10. Nectarine

The album LinkwoodSystem” (Prime Numbers) is going to be released October 2, 2009.

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