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Thursday, Sep 03 2009 | 16:15 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5903The Hammond organ has provided the backbone of much popular music since its invention 75 years ago. From gospel, blues, jazz and soul to funk, rock and reggae. The unmistakably gritty sound of this groovy septuagenarian has been loved (and – let’s be honest – sometimes hated) by successive generations. It might even be suggested that the Hammond sound has nothing new to offer in the 21st century, after so many decades as the workhorse of black music … that is until the man behind Soul Sugar, Guillaume Metenier, put together this new collection for Freestyle Records.

Guillaume is a highly respected Parisian keyboard player whose previous credits include The Last Poets and Emilie Simon, as well as being a long-time collaborator of production maestro and trip hop hero Kid Loco. Indeed Kid Loco has worked together with Guillaume on “Nothing But The Truth” to produce the perfect mix of vintage sounds and styles, but with a contemporary edge.

From the sublime opener “Silver” featuring the voice of Hammond legend and Guillaume’s organ tutor Lonnie Smith, this project blends Hammond, piano, squelchy analogue synthesizers and fresh beats and production to refresh one of black music’s most enduring genres – this is psychedelic, chilled out soul jazz for modern ears.

As a tribute to the Hammond’s incredible legacy, Lonnie Smith’s “Play It Back” gets a loving reworking for contemporary times, as does Jimmy Smith’s “Mellow Mood”, but it is Guillaume’s deft, highly original approach on tracks like “Sagittarius” and “Ritual” that sets this collection apart from the often derivative organ sounds so prevalent today.

Hear how a Hammond groove and a house beat can work together beautifully like old friends on “First Come”, experience the funky fuzz rock soundtrack feel of “Rolling”, feel the ever-changing musical soundscapes on this album. “Nothing But The Truth” also features drummer Yvo Abadi (Amadou & Maryam) and percussionist Phillippe Monrose (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) to ensure that Soul Sugar’s first Freestyle Records release “Nothing But The Truth” breaks new ground and also keeps the organ groove re-energized, fresh and relevant for contemporary fans of top quality sounds.


01. Silver
02. Ritual
03. Play It Back
04. Nothing But The Truth
05. Minor Mood
06. Sagittarius
07. Rolling
08. Winner Funk
09. First Come
10. Isaacs

The album Soul Sugar (Ft.Kid Loco)Nothing But The Truth” (Freestyle) is going to be released September 25, 2009.

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