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Monday, Aug 03 2009 | 13:17 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5574Los Angeles-born Georgia Anne Muldrow (a.k.a. Ms.One) is well known for her unorthodox soundscaping and inspired traditional African song-structuring, as well as for her performances with artists such as Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Dudley Perkins, Madlib, Wildchild, and PPP, just to name a few. Muldrow’s track “Roses” is featured on Mos Def’s latest release “The Ecstatic”. The original song “Roses” (sans Mos Def) can be found here on Georgia’s latest album “Umsindo”.

“Umsindo” (which means ‘sound’ in Zulu) is Muldrow’s second full-length album and tells stories with subject matters ranging from world politics to the metaphysical sciences – with laserlike synthwork to match. Muldrow, who birthed the new millennium hip-hop soul movement, is the producer/singer/songwriter phenomenon who just keeps on giving.

“Umsindo” is dedicated to Muldrow’s African heritage with themes of creation and calls to wake up the consciousness to all who hear it. This Afro-centric gem of an album speaks to the Zulu warriors whose lineage goes back before the planet, where the power of sound is paramount.

Georgia Anne Muldrow is an American singer and producer formerly signed to Stones Throw Records. She was the first female artist signed to the label and is currently in a relationship with fellow former Stones Throw artist Dudley Perkins. The two recently gave birth to a baby boy. Aside from their relationship the two have also collaborated on several records including the critically acclaimed “G&D” project released by Look Records in 2007.

Georgia’s father is the late jazz guitarist Ronald Muldrow, her mother is singer/songwriter Rickie Byars-Beckwith. Her early work involved collaborations with the Platinum Pied Pipers and Sa-Ra. Georgia is known for playing the majority of instruments featured on her recordings, as well as producing for other artists. Her vocal style and musical accompaniment often are free-form in nature and truly something unique. On the heels on the release of the “Ms. One” compilation earlier this year, “Umsindo” continues to illuminate Muldrow’s multi-faceted talents as a soul singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.


01. Jina Langu Ni Afrika (My Name Is Afrika)
02. John De Conqueror (Ona Move)
03. Seminole Unity Chant
04. Uhuru Flight
05. Daisies
06. Okra
07. Sermonette
08. Fonky Day
09. Generation / You Got It
10. Nsamanfo
11. Caracas
12. Slice It
13. So Far
14. Roses
15. Idlozi
16. Slice It (Reprise)
17. Kids
18. West Coast Prayer
19. E.S.P.
20. Beya
21. I.Q.
22. De Wiz
23. Roses
24. Diaspora

The album Georgia Anne MuldrowUmsindo” (E1) has been released July 31, 2009.

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