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Thursday, Jul 30 2009 | 13:50 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5547J.Rawls, one half of the groups Lone Catalysts and 3582, has produced for the likes of Black Star (Mos Def/Talib Kweli) as well as the Beastie Boys, J-Live, El Da Sensei, Wordsworth, Declaime and many others. More recently, J.Rawls has been responsible for two Liquid Crystal Projects which garnered worldwide attention meshing various elements of hip hop, jazz, and soul to form a cohesive and distinct sound.

J.Rawls and John Robinson (president of Shaman Work Recordings, as well as one half of the group Scienz Of Life) now present their new group project Jay Are with the release of “The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again”, an ode to not only jazz music, but the culture that inspired progressive social/political movements, as well as a vast array of cultural exploration. Meshing the spirit of the 1960s, both J.Rawls and John Robinson explore the genre of jazz music, as many would consider it to be the grandfather of hip hop, while participating in a freedom which allowed various artists to come together, vibe out, and produce great music that will be studied for years to come.

Together, J.Rawls and John Robinson’s Jay Are project will introduce a culture and sense of urgency and creativity that the 1960s brought upon the world, while bringing back an older generation to that time period and making it valid for the present. The album “The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again” is an education of the past that is relevant to our present times, while giving ode to a period that flourished in political activism, progressive social movements, and cultural creativity. Both J.Rawls and John Robinson strive to carry that same passion towards today’s music and it is clearly executed in their group, Jay Are.

The album J.Rawls & John Robinson (Jay Are)The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again” (Polar) is going to be released August 28, 2009.

J.Rawls also locked himself in a hotel room and came out with 21 beats for your aural pleasure. If you are into that good stuff, do yourself a favour and download this today!

Polar Ent. & Mighty Healthy NYC Presents J.Rawls – Hotel Beats Vol. 1

J.Rawls’ Favourite Hotels:

01. Hotel Krasnopolsky, Amsterdam
02. Marriott, Dayton
03. St. Havel, Prague
04. DJ Center’s House, Bklyn
05. Kweli’s House, Bklyn
06. Rhett’s House, Long Beach
07. Comfort Inn, Hollywood CA
08. Best Western President, NYC
09. Days Inn, Newark Airport
10. Hotel Ibis, Cologne Germany

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