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Tuesday, Jul 14 2009 | 16:15 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5402It can be safely stated that Lady Saw is considered Jamaica’s top female dj/singer. While she stands a petite five feet five inches, she is by no means small in stature. Lady Saw has the voice, the appeal and the stage presence that allow her to stand above other reggae dancehall performers in any arena. Lady Saw is an accomplished artist and songwriter and continues to step up the game in the industry.

Lady Saw was born Marion Hall and raised in Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica. She has always been both humble and ambitious. In the early 1980’s, at the age of fifteen, Marion began as a singer whose natural talents were confined to her own home town, but with constant motivation from her peers and the will to achieve stardom and recognition, she took a trip to Kingston. She found herself working on a sound system called The Romantics, but would only work a few dancehalls at a time before returning home with the stage name she acquired from dancehall patrons. She was to be referred as Lady Saw, because her style was so much like that of the late Tenor Saw.

Like any budding star, Lady Saw always anticipated her success, and the night Stereo One sound system came to St. Mary, it was her chance to represent and prepare for orbit. That night versatility intervened as she substituted her singing voice and clutched to some dj lyrics, scoring dividends as she preformed alongside luminaries such as Lt. Stitchie and others. Lady Saw was indeed a natural crowd pleaser and this performance set the pace for much larger events in the very near future.

Lady Saw returned to Kingston and produced her first recording on the Capricorn label titled “Love Me Or Lef Me” followed by “Bogle Dance” and “Am I Losing You” which became a top ten song in Jamaica and England. Soon to follow were some real lusty tracks such as “If Him Lef ” and “Stab Out The Meat ” which are still considered dancehall favourites today. She was now on the verge of stardom and when she recorded the #1 hit single “Find A Good Man” on the Diamond Rush label, it quickly became the sentiment of many women and found great favour with the massive, placing the “Lady” in full command.

In 1994, Lady Saw was asked to attend Reggae Sunsplash, Sumfest and Sting, the biggest stage shows held in Jamaica, with crowds of at least 60 to 70,000 people from all over the world. To say the least, her performances where extremely tremendous and numerous encores were in order for the devastating performer. Since then, this controversial female has continued to work stages, fascinating her audiences the best way she knows how. Lady Saw delivers what the crowd wishes to hear; from spiritual and culturally uplifting songs to uncensored and raunchy ones. She has definitely proven her self as a force to contend with, not only in the studio, but on the stage as well. Saw continues to relate to her crowd unlike anyone else between each fervent delivery.

The sensuous Lady Saw has walked away with almost every existing award in the female reggae artist category since 1993. She also has an impressive string of #1 singles and top ten hits; “If Him Lef”, “Find A Good Man”, “Give Me The Reason”, “No Long Talking”, “Sycamore Tree” and “Healing” (featuring Beenie Man), are just some of the more memorable to name a few. Destined to remain the undisputed female dj/singer, no one can deny the immense talent this “Lady” posesses.

Lady Saw is the kind of singer, songwriter and dj that uses her life as a creative source and presents it in such a way that her fans can relate to.

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