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Tuesday, Jul 14 2009 | 17:05 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5417“Evil In The Mirror” is the debut full length from recording artist Will C. A young mind with an against-the-grain view on making music, Will has managed to put together an exciting album in a genre where listeners generally aren’t given enough credit. He explains the general idea behind “Evil In The Mirror” below:

“Sometimes the fork in the road in itself is scenic. “Evil In The Mirror” represents the duality within all of us, but more specifically to this record, one’s confidence backed with their humility … their jubilation in a balancing act with a deep sense of the melancholy. My selfishness and empathy. My comfort and paranoia. I’ve come to the conclusion that to suppress or keep either side of this dichotomy hidden would only hurt me as an artist and disconnect me from the listener. Becoming increasingly conscious of the numerous flaws that compliment my strengths, I stand idle at a fork in the road, unsure of the direction to take my life but ironically admiring this vantage point. The given circumstance has brought to fruition an album that I am proud of and hope you enjoy.”

Though his description is strikingly serious, there is a sense of humor and compassion that makes “Evil In The Mirror” both enjoyable and refreshing. Dense enough lyrically and musically to become increasingly rewarding upon repeated listens, Evil … however does not demand the listener to stop having fun and “dissect” in order to appreciate the record.

“Evil In The Mirror” sports it’s highly talked/typed about lead single, “Losers” (BRK 8805) and also features a guest appearance from Esoteric, one of Hip Hop’s most gifted minds and entertaining artists. The two push things to the brink of insanity on the uptempo sonic tour-de-force, “Synthetic Genetics”.


01. Frog Among Queens
02. It Ain’t The 80s
03. Water Ice (With A Gaseous Center)
04. Alternate Earth
05. Infinite Hourglas
06. Synthetic Genetics feat. Esoteric
07. Zodiac Extension
08. Trainspotting
09. The Places
10. Be Yourself Syndrome
11. Uncle Owen (Extended Re-edit)
12. Recurring Dream
13. Losers
14. Evil In The Mirror

The album Will CEvil In The Mirror” (Brick) is going to be released July 31, 2009.

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