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Thursday, Jun 18 2009 | 17:30 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5183Permanent Vacation are delighted to bring you the second chapter of the “Space Oddities” saga compiled by Alexis Le-Tan (music journalist and member of Tigersushi Bass System) and Jess (formerly of famed French house duo Jess & Crabbe and now drummer for punk band 10lec6). The pair met in 2001 through a mutual love of no-wave and leftfield disco. In 2003 Jess came upon a big collection of library music, which he bought for next to nothing. Whilst he was ciphering through it and finding the most interesting extracts, Alexis was digging all things cosmic, where along the way he also started to pick up many bits and pieces of obscure mood music.

In 2007, they put together some of their best space disco treasures giving birth to the highly acclaimed “Space Oddities Vol.1” project released last summer. As the first episode of “Space Oddities” was reaching to an end and following the amazing feedback they received, the Parisian duo started working on the next volume in the heat of 2008’s sunny days. A new direction was chosen: more organic, guitar-led and psychedelic than the previous one, still focusing on the dancefloor and their love for freaky synths and fierce beats.

Although it’s only been a year since their first instalment, it literally feels like a decade has gone by for them to finally complete “Vol.2”. The licensing of all the new material was definitely no joke! It was all worth it though, and their efforts were rewarded in many respects as they managed to clear all the tracks and, on top of that, convince two of the greatest authorities on library music to write the sleevenotes: Joel Martin (Quiet Village) and Gareth Goddard (Cherrystones/Godsy). Artwork comes courtesy of Parisian illustrator Sanghon Kim who created the perfect twisted package to this fantastic compilation. Last but not least, “Vol. 2” will instantly become more collectible than the first one, as Permanent Vacation have broken the bank to supply you with a limited edition gatefold LP. Grab them whilst you can, they won’t be around for long!

“Library music? For years overlooked, now coveted by a small closely-knit trinity of obsessive retroactive vinyl purists seeking inspiration from cues, bridges, segues and, more importantly, non-commercially available soundtrack fodder. Over the last few years there have been many compilations serving to fulfil or create a satisfying overview of a global wealth of un-heard (to the general public) library musics which have been left to be discovered and revisited by collectors. Sadly there are those who via trying to make a fast buck miss the target, whether it be by sequence or selection, or plainly by money being the driving force/motivation, the people who truly love, feel and curate these pieces such as Alexis & Jess show their skills in the compilation you are now holding, consider the trappings of the idiom and listen to how some visions of the past can transcend their time and have the longevity to be FUTURISTIC years later. (…) ” – Gareth Goddard (Cherrystones / Godsy)


01. Open Air – Strange Form
02. New Life – New Life
03. Distortions Pop – Equilibrium
04. Progressive Percussions – Shut Up
05. Speed – Tremplin
06. Rock On – Cutting The Funk
07. Open Air – Leavin’ My Place
08. Maxi-Music – Christophus Colombus
09. Cam Stati D’Animo – Indian Feeling
10. Cam Stati D’Animo – Psycho Feeling
11. Evening Colours – Sunshine In My Heart
12. Velvet Dreams – Magma Game
13. Titanic – Sultana
14. Portes D’Orient – Saba
15. Pop World Of Yan Tregger – Sun Adoration
16. Distortions Pop – Microchaos
17. Panorama – Gates Of Pop Empire
18. L’Univers De La Mer – Les Pingouins S’amusent
19. Desert – Leaving
20. Spatial & Co Vol.2 – Space People
21. Jogging – Bluesy Feeling

The compilation Alexis Le-Tan & Jess presentSpace Oddities Vol. 2” (Permanent Vacation) is going to be released July 10, 2009.

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