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Wednesday, Jun 10 2009 | 17:37 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

5076Going through Bryan G’s life story is like opening the bible of dance music. Bryan has been at the cutting edge of modern dance music and a crucial link in the logical evolution of the sound, that has now led to drum & bass. No one better than him can explain that this sound is the result of a long and very natural progression, and is deeply rooted.

Born in Gloucester, DJing at reggae sound systems from the age of 13, Bryan moved to London at 18. Settling in Brixton, Bryan started listening to all kinds of music; jazz, soul, funk, rare groove and hip-hop which reached the UK in the mid-eighties. But the major element in the equation had to be the emergence of acid house in 1987, that Bryan followed, going to Spectrum and The Beat Route. His friendship with Jumping Jack Frost, met while DJing, blossomed.

They both set up Passion, a pirate radio station in Balham and acquired quickly a huge following. Highly respected by cutting edge record labels and artists, he always managed to get high profile guests like Frankie Bones and Louie Vega, and was one of the first British DJ’s to play “French Kiss” on air. Bryans daytime jobs at Republic and Rhythm Kings subsidiary Outta Rhythm, where he was promoting Warps LFO, Leftfield, Baby Ford, Dave Angel, Joey Beltram and Moby (one of his tips for the top by then!) earning Bryan respect across the board. Around the time Rhythm King disintegrated, Bryan came across a demo tape and loved its combination of soulful, reggae vibe and sharp breakbeats. Bryan went to Bristol and met the people behind the tape; two guys called Roni Size and DJ Krust. Dismissed by the A&R people he approached who did not believe in this new, explosive sound, Bryan set up V Recordings with Frost and released the tracks on the tape. It sold very little but the units increased quickly and steadily.

Bryan found a great opportunity to showcase his new releases in London with weekly club Movement at Bar Rumba on Thursdays, started with Emotif Records and promoters Bulldozer. The club nights have proven to be the most versatile drum & bass showcase in London. With constant touring as well as mixing an album retracing 3 years of Movement residency, Bryan Gee is kept busy and happy.

Bryan has now also taken command of the airwaves with the biggest show on Ministry of Sound radio, attracting a worldwide audience.

His brand new mix compilation Bryan G presentsLiquid V Sessions Vol.3” on Liquid V is going to be released June 26, 2009.

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