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Tuesday, Jun 02 2009 | 12:15 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4966Rainford Hugh Perry, aka The Upsetter, aka President Abraham Parry, and best known as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry comes with his full-length album for summer 2009! Produced by Paul Zasky and Robbie Ost, and backed by outernational Austrian dub veterans Dubblestandart and featuring guest-singers Ari-Up (New Age Steppers, The Slits) and longtime friend Gudrun Liemberger. The 2-CD deluxe-digipak set comes also with the surprising rare appearance by film director David Lynch, plus remixes by G-Corp, Rob Smith (both from the UK), and the US Subatomic Sound on the second disc. Extended Linernotes by David Katz, author of “People Funny Boy: The Genius Of Lee Scratch Perry and Solid Foundation: An Oral History of Reggae”.

Dubblestandart was formed in 1988 as a reaction to the stagnant Austrian pop scene. The group was heavily inspired by the sounds emanating from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s legendary dub space, the Black Ark, as well as Adrian Sherwood’s pick-and-mix productions of the On-U Sound label, and pioneering sound system operator, Jah Shaka, infusing these dub influences within their own heady blend of hardcore reggae and new wave.

It was way back in these late 80ties when it all started: Dubblestandart supported and backed Lee Perry while touring, and over 20 years later we experience the dub mothership finally reaching AND returning from planet dub, guided on autopilot by Dubblestandart’s cavernous excursion into deep dub, chilling house and dubble-tough dubstep!

Lee Perry (born March 20, 1936 in St. Mary’s, Jamaica) revisits all-time classics such as “Disco Devil” and “Blackboard Jungle Dub” in a new dub form, while “I Foo China” is reminiscent of the halcyon days of jungle at On-U Sound. Just make sure that English-speaking children are out of the room before you blast “Fungus Rock”, in which Perry takes it upon himself to be the moderator of bedroom etiquette!

“Return From Planet Dub” is the next chapter of dub, one of those uniquely Jamaican creations that have risen from the backstreets of Kingston to gain reverence and influence around the world!



01. Chase The Devil *
02. Let ‘Em Take It
03. Blackboard Jungle
04. Fungus Rock
05. I Foo China *
06. Give Thanks & Praises (Megaton 3)
07. Deadly Funny – Oxygen Part 4 Dub
08. I Do Voodoo *
09. Surrender Dub **
10. Idiots Dub **
11. Kingston Dancehall Dub **
12. Evil Burma Dub


01. Chrome Optimism – Oxygen Part 4 Dub ***
02. Let ‘Em Take It Dub
03. Chase The Devil Dub *
04. Defending Rights & Justice/Island Girl Dub **
05. Blackboard Jungle Dub
06. Fungus Dub
07. I Foo China Dub *
08. Chase The Devil (G -Corp Remix)
09. I Do Voodoo (Rob Smith Remix)
10. Wadada (Means Love) feat. Prince Far I (Truman Chewstick & Tom Watson Remix)
11. Blackboard Jungle Dub (Subatomic Soundsystem Remix)
12. We All Have To Get High feat. Devon D (Tom Watson Remix)
13. Love Machine feat. Trueman Chewstick (Supermax & Dubblestandart Remix)

The album Lee Perry w/ Ari Up & DubblestandartReturn From Planet Dub” (Collision) is going to be released June 5, 2009.

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