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Tuesday, May 19 2009 | 17:19 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4888Fresh from the last studio album “See Clear Now” which featured the chart banger “Wearing My Rolex” and “Cash In My Pocket”, Wiley is embarking on another solo album project following last years success of “Grime Wave” in “Race Against Time”.

Wiley is going head to head with fellow grime rival Skep in a 50 cent VS Kayne West type battle of who can sell the most units in the same week. Currently the godfather of grime has a lot of hype around him following the club banger and 1 single
from the album “Too Many Man” and his recent battle with Durrty Goodz following a dispute of Crazy Titchs 30 year jail sentence.

Wiley is known as one of the hardest workers in the scene after releasing 7 mixtapes in under 2 years in the form of “Tunnel Vision 1-6” and “Umbrella Vol 1”, and this hard work is emulated in what is set to be Wiley’s best work yet.

Wiley is one of the original founders of what is now known as grime music. Traversing from the massive Pay As U Go Cartel to start up his own crew with the Roll Deep Entourage. His debut album “Treadin On Thin Ice”, released through XL, brought his unique Eski beat sound to the world and has cememnted him as one of the most innovative producers ever in British electronic music. Co-producer on the certified silver selling “In At the Deep End” from Roll Deep showed a versatility to not only his lyrical content but also his musical sound. Arguably the most influencial musician from grimes spiritual home of Bow E3, Wiley has been either directly responsible for or indirectly influenced the careers of nearly every artist to come through the scene. Either producing beats for or nurturing younger talent like Tinchy Stryder, JME, Skepta, Doctor, Jammer and most notably Dizzee Rascal, or being involved in memorable clashes with sparring partners such as Lethal B, Kano, Durrty Goodz, Sharky Major, Bashy and Nasty Jack, Wiley has influenced a large number of talented individuals who have gone on to make their mark in the grime scene. Legendary as both an MC and a Producer, and starting off as a DJ, Wiley is one of a few individuals who can be honestly described as excelling in many different areas of music.


01. She’s Glowing
02. Livin’ It Up
03. Eyes Of The Lord
04. Hummer Activity
05. Off Da Radar
06. The Olly
07. I Was Like You
08. Race Against Time
09. Too Many Man
10. Where’s My Brother
11. Out Of The Game
12. Bang
13. Zip It Up
14. Average Worker
15. Time Flies By
16. Music I Like

The album WileyRace Against Time” (Eskibeat Recordings) is going to be released June 5, 2009.

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