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Thursday, Apr 30 2009 | 13:50 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4686Sinner DC have been forging an increasingly solid reputation for impeccable tunes and sweeping electronic sounds for themselves over the years. The live trio whose sound is as captivating as it is unique merges a combination of electronics, mechanical investigations and terraforming sounds, which will stop for nothing. The minimal vocals, captured sound waves and clever programming all pull together to create another doorstep slice of goodness that AI Records are getting renowned for. Sinner DC have already performed more than 100 times all around Europe as live set or dj set with Vitalic, Sigur Ros, M83, Spectrum, Margaret Dygas, Black Dice, and also collaborated with artists such as Sonic Boom, Christian Marclay, Water Lilly, Rone, Repeat Repeat, Geoff McFetridge, Parra, Neil Krug, to name a few.

On stage, digital videos by Alexia Turlin support a live show with drumming, real-time sampling, distant voices, toy organ, and slide guitar & bass.

Now it’s time for an outstanding new album from Sinner DC which ranks right up there with such like-minded souls as Gui Boratto, The Field, M83, or Ulrich Schnauss. The opening bars of “Go For The Stream” set the tone perfectly for the nine tracks that are to follow on “Crystallized”. This is their second full length outing on AI, and a perfect opener for AI’s 10th anniversary year.

“Anyway” is the album’s second cut and as with “Go For The Stream”, it lets the listener bask in the mournful beauty of the many textures on offer and builds up the anticipation for the energetic explosion that must surely follow. Sounding not unlike a digital version of Mogwai, “Golden Horses” builds upon its sparse beginnings and steadily introduces synthesised strings, haunting wails and a variety of background effects to end up with a track that doesn’t so much evolve but rather throbs with energy as it moves along its trajectory.

The midpoint of the album is now upon us and its time for a gentle breather with “V”, an almost beatless number where the subtle percussion plays only a supporting role to the soaring synths that whisk the listener away to a place of tranquillity. This leads us into “Sunrized”, a track where the title perfectly describes the thoughts invoked as the sounds emanate from the speakers.

“Glass Alley” is a slightly more upbeat ‘pop’ affair that perfectly balances the warm electronics, soaring strings and soft vocal touches that are so key to their appeal. The vocals are present again on “Digital Dust”, a track that will appeal to fans of the likes of M83 and Ulrich Schnauss where playful percussion, distant vocals and rich textures are the order of the day.

“Coast” is the album’s final cut and this time things are of a techno aesthetic, albeit downbeat in nature and containing the brief presence of an ethereal vocal. As with all of the work, the atmospherics are once again the key and despite the cold reverb used to create space and depth, warm synths and distorted guitars are also in use, resulting yet again in a perfectly balanced composition that will delight your senses and leave you hungry for more as the album fades to a close


01. Go For The Stream
02. Anyway
03. Golden Horses
04. The Medium Is The Message
05. V
06. Sunrized
07. Glass Alley
08. Digital Dust
09. Coast

The album Sinner DCCrystallized” (AI) is going to be released May 22, 2009.

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