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Thursday, Apr 30 2009 | 14:03 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4691“Darkness At Noon” is the debut album from left of centre producers Ill Logic & Raf. Harder than thou is par for the course in drum’n’bass circles, as producers get brasher and noisier to jostle for position. In amongst the noise it is becoming increasingly hard to distinguish who is who. “Darkness At Noon”, shines as a diamond in the rough as Raf & Ill Logic take an altogether more musical approach to the most primal of dance elements, drum’n’bass. As their old spar Stamina MC articulates on “Blood Meridian”: “Tunes used to be listenable as well as danceable, now it’ either or.”

Raf & Ill Logic’s s seemingly effortless ability to strike the rare balance is what sets this album apart from its contemporaries. Herein lies a mature and special LP, drenched with the musical and cultural experiences of the duo, indeed an aural tapestry of their current stance on life.

“We just enjoy writing music together,” explains Raf. “Music is what makes us tick. All those different times we were in different places and different clubs hearing different music inspire what we write today. So it’s not a retro album we are referencing all these important points in our past.” Throughout the album you’ll find a spatial awareness, married with complex arrangements that bring to life the title of each track.

Now after the huge acclaim and success of Bingo’s last artist LP release (Jenna G’s “For Lost Friends”), it is Raf & Ill Logic’s liquid production which carve the next tributary of Bingo’s journey through drum’n’bass; in the loosest, most diverse sense of the term.


01. Illuminations
02. Between God, The Dead And The Wild
03. Black Lamb And Grey Falcon
04. Blood Meridian feat. Stamina
05. The Gift
06. Darkness At Noon
07. Evil Doesnt Live Here feat. Fatima
08. Complex Identities
09. The Art Of Rebellion
10. Hold Everything Dear
11. The Production Of Space
12. Madness feat. Fatima
13. Songs Of Experience

The album Ill Logic And RafDarkness At Noon” (Bingo Beats) is going to be released May 22, 2009.

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