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Thursday, Apr 02 2009 | 13:32 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4282As an avid fan of soul, disco, electro, and Brazilian beats, Kero One’s vision is to create music that embraces these diverse genres without abandoning his hip hop foundation. The underground success of his 2006 self-released, produced, and written debut album, “Windmills Of The Soul”, brought Kero One on world tours, and led to production work for household names like Talib Kweli and Mark Farina. Recently, he has also received major label attention and support from the likes of, EMMY award winner and producer of Estelle, who, after listening to Kero One’s album, replied with a personalized video message saying “Your sh%t is F%ckin’ dope Kero. I love it, I love it, I love it!”

Now, nearly three years after “Windmills Of The Soul”, Kero One has returned with a mission to renew the sounds of modern hip hop by melding together bits of various genres of music. In the creation of Early “Believers”, his official sophomore release, Kero One has enlisted the talents of some of his favourite singers and vocalists such as Giles Peterson protégé UK singer Ben Westbeech, Finland’s answer to modern soul – Tuomo, and Portland’s Ohmega Watts, to name a few. Pairing vocals with the warm tones of analog compressed drums, vintage synths, and live instruments, Kero One has created a 12 track album exhibiting his live instrumentation abilities, growth and maturity as a writer, arranger, and vocalist.


01. Welcome To The Bay
02. When The Sunshine Comes feat. Ben Westbeech
03. Keep Pushin’
04. Lets Just Be Friends feat. Tuomo
05. Bossa Soundcheck
06. Love And Happiness feat. Tuomo
07. Stay On The Grind feat. Ohmega Watts
08. A Song For Sabrina
09. This Life Ain’t Mine
10. I Never Thought That We
11. Goodbye Forever feat. Ben Westbeech
12. On And On

The album Kero OneEarly Believers” (Plug Label) is going to be released April 24, 2009.

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