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Monday, Mar 30 2009 | 17:13 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4233German rap legend Kool Savas presents the exclusive CD+DVD “Die John Bello Story 2 Brainwash Edition”, including all content of the previous premium edition, brainwashed versions of many original songs, plus three brand new bonus tracks from Dr. Essah himself: “Futurama”, “Rapfilm” and “Brainwash 2” featuring Dem Franchize Boyz.

The DVD contains a full length recording of Kool Savas’ live show in Bochum, music videos (“Beweis 2” (Mammut RMX) feat. Olli Banjo, Caput, Mo Trip, Ercandize, Laas Unltd & Amar, “Brainwash”), behind the scenes footage, and interviews with artists of the Optik Camp.



01. Futurama
02. So Heiss feat. Amar, Ercandize & Curse
03. Bagger feat. Sizzlac, Caput & Moe Mitchell
04. Fick nicht mit uns (Tua RMX) feat. Amar, Ercandize & Moe Mitchell
05. Legt Euch ins Zeug feat. Amar, Kaas & Moe Mitchell
06. Brainwash 2 feat. Dem Franchize Boyz
07. Feuer (Riptor RMX) feat. Ercandize, Amar, Caput, MottaMan
08. Charisma feat. 40 Glocc
09. Krone (Strike RMX) feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell & Amaris
10. Holiday Hoe feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell
11. Belloman feat. Sizzlac & Caput
12. Gladiator feat. Amar
13. Nur ein Skit
14. Letzeee gooo (L.A.A.S.A.V.A.S.) feat. Laas Unltd.
15. Brainwash 3 feat. KAAS & Moe Mitchell 
16. Beweis 2 (Mammut Remix) feat. Olli Banjo, Plan B, Maeckes, Caput, Mo Trip, Ercandize, Kobra, Franky Kubrick, Sizzlac, Laas Unltd., Jifusi, Phreaky Flave, Amar, Germany, Favorite, Kaas & Vega
17. Rapfilm feat. Olli Banjo, Fler, Curse, Torch, Eisfeld, Azad

Kool Savas & Optik Army Live @ Bochum – John Bello Story 2 Tour 2009
Video ”Beweis 2 Mammut RMX“ Live feat. Olli Banjo, Caput, Mo Trip, Ercandize, Franky, Sizzlac, Laas Unltd, Jifusi, Phreaky Flave, Amar, Favorite, Kaas & Vega
Video “Brainwash” feat. KAAS & Sizzlac
Behind the Brainwash (Wahnsinn und Interviews aus dem Backstage)

The album Kool SavasDie John Bello Story 2 Brainwash Edition” (Optik Records) has been released March 27, 2009.

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