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Friday, Mar 27 2009 | 18:47 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

4228It’s a sure sign of times that Lynx & Kemo had made three tracks together before they even met in person. It’s a MySpace success story. Sending each other messages and file transfers over the net is how it’s done these days they say. With neither of them hailing from what we would say are clubbing Meccas, Portsmouth and Dusseldorf via Hawaii respectively, its easy to understand how there music isn’t overly influenced by the mainstream.

2007 and Lynx & Kemo’s first release “Global Enemies” saw its release on Soul:R, to accolades by the scene’s top DJ’s. Closely followed by the equally impressive “Carnivale” later in 2007, which firmly cemented Lynx and Kemo as the most exciting and original drum & bass act to surface in years.

As a producer Lynx has established a reputation for his technical ability and his innovation. Soul:R, Creative Source, Digital Soundboy and Bingo are just some of the leading labels he’s released on and are proof that his sound is not only fresh but also diverse. With massive tracks including “Disco Dodo” being played on Radio 1 and Kiss FM every day for months, Lynx has clearly demonstrated that he’s not afraid to break the mould whilst staying true to his own style.

Kemo’s global upbringing allowed him access to a wide variety of cultures and experiences. This is clearly reflected in his musical work – ranging from dubstep to techno, from drum & bass to hip hop – being championed by DJs as diverse as Laurent Garnier, Zed Bias, Pendulum and DJ Hype.

Lynx & Kemo now have been a heavyweight DJ & MC duo on the scene for two years, touring Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, and all over the UK & Europe. Their floor-igniting sets have made them a regular at Fabric & The End, leading to three of their tracks being featured on Marcus Intalex’s “Fabric Live” CD.

Lynx & Kemo’s upcoming collaboration effort “The Raw Truth” is an album that leans towards being many things, hip hop, drum & bass, r’n’b, even dubstep but what it actually is, is none of them and all of them at the same time. It’s something quite unique, a sound that is as individual as drum & bass has ever been, and more importantly it’s a sound that can hopefully change peoples opinions on what drum & bass is. It’s music from two artists, as opposed to a DJ and an MC, not aimed directly at the dance floor but still having enough edge and DJ sensibilities to find itself in all the record boxes throughout the scene.

“The Raw Truth” is an LP for your headphones, an album full of songs and stories. Not only an album that portrays an MC’s struggle to find peace with both himself and the world at large but also and an album that showcases this unique producers skills to the utmost. Out of the fifteen tracks, only four are instrumentals. Not a usual statistic for drum & bass, but then again this in not your usual drum & bass LP.


01. Camera
02. Apocalypse feat. Bongo Collective and Dennis Jones
03. Committing Love feat. Kate Whitmarsh and Mika Doo
04. Tribes feat. Malibu Rhodes
05. Global Enemies
06. The Semitones
07. Glass Jaw
08. All You Own feat. Spoonface
09. One Love
10. Broken Glass feat. Alix Perez and DRS
11. Deez Breaks feat. Henree
12. Dangerous feat. Alix Perez
13. The Raw Truth
14. The Real Thing feat. Tali & Vaceo
15. Hotriders

The album Lynx & KemoThe Raw Truth” (Soul:R) is going to be released April 24, 2009.

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