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Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 | 17:19 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3909Maral Salmassi, born on 24th July 1975 in Teheran, grew up in Persia and later in Jordan. With the fall of the Shah’s regime in 1979, the family was forced to return to Persia and after seven years under the Islamic regime, they managed to escape from a country subverted by the war between Iran and Irak and settled in Germany in 1986.

Maral Salmassi is one striking femme. She exudes talent and beauty, combined with a hint of masculinity, giving her a distinct edge in the music she creates and the way she styles herself. Founder of notable techno label, Konsequent Records in 1997 and new media label, Art of Perception in 1999, Maral’s past explorations in music have paved the way for what is her most exciting and diverse label to date, Television Rocks. The label was founded by Maral Salmassi and partner Fabian Stall. Television Rocks is a platform for both artists solo projects. Maral has created a sound that she describes as, “funky, playful glamour tech which is more a combination of New York wave disco, old school hip hop and electro and French cut-up hop than German Post-Minimal sounds and styles”.

Her brand new 12″ vinyl “My Shit Is On!” (incl. remixes by Zero Cash, Bird Peterson and Nhan & Taan) has been released February 20, 2009 on Television Rocks.

Maral Salmassi’s Top 10 for Februrary 2009:

01. Maral Salmassi – My Shit Is On! (Television Rocks)
02. Mr. Oizo – Two Takes It feat. Carmen Castro (Ed Banger Records)
03. Bird Peterson – Pete Goes Off (Aaahh!)
04. Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Zodiac Kartel Remix) (Coco Machete)
05. Zero Cash – Don’t Say What You Think (Coco Machete)
06. Gooseflesh – Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix) (Freakz Me Out)
07. Beni – My Love Sees You (DerDieDas Remix) (Kitsune)
08. Disco Trash Music – Neon Disco (Daniel Dexter Remix) (Freakz Me Out)
09. Bag Riders – Turbo Love (Bang Gang)
10. Villains – Thrilla (Villains Records)

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