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Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 | 15:08 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3890Mavado is the face of dancehall in 2009; with a string of hit songs running back to 2006 when he burst onto the scene. In this short time, Mavado (David Constantine Brooks) has gone from obscurity to Ghetto super stardom with all of its trappings (hip-hop remix appearances, underground anthems and international street credibility).

His debut album “Gangsta For Life” has maintained top 25 positioning on the Billboard reggae sales chart debuting July 2007. His rise to fame is overshadowed only by his enigmatic persona; outlaw artist. Part prophet, part superhero, Mavado is making dancehall as big screen production. His lyrics flow through fantastic exploits of a man reared on the extreme violence, poverty and materialism of present day Kingston, JA. The songs are built on apocalyptic synthesizer progressions to which; Mavado chats, sings and delivers biting hooks. His lyrics are puzzling; minimalist and seemingly simple but, yield deep irony in contrast to Jamaica’s social and economic woes. His music is relevant in the way that dancehall has always been. Mavado is the voice of Jamaica’s youth.

At the top of 2009, the rising superstar unveils the second chapter of his stirring street narrative with his new full length “Mr. Brooks…A Better Tomorrow” on VP Records. The talented singjay has crafted his strongest album yet – a bittersweet struggle over the dichotomies in his world – past vs. present, good vs. evil, hope vs. despair, and freedom from strife. It is a true reflection of who Mavado is today.

This sophomore installment of his latest hits and daring exploits are built on apocalyptic synthesizer progressions to which Mavado chats and sings simplistic yet profound lyrics with strong conviction and ease. His contagious hook and clever outlaw antics from the album’s first single “So Special” (produced by Linton “TJ” White) has already turned this 1 Jamaican and U.K. smash in into a U.S. commercial radio hit remaining on Billboard’s Top 100 Hot R&B/Hip Hop Airplay and Song chart for over a month (peaking at 52).


01. David’s Psalm
02. Every Situation
03. On The Rock
04. So Blessed
05. So Special
06. Life Of A G
07. Welcome To The Armegedeon
08. Gangster Don’t Play
09. Real Killer (No Chorus)
10. Chiney K
11. Jailhouse
12. Don’t Worry
13. Money Changer
14. Money
15. In Di Car Back
16. Which Gal
17. Overcome

The album MavadoMr. Brooks…A Better Tomorrow” (VP) is going to be released February 27, 2009.

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