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Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 | 17:04 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3790This is French producer Azaxx’s first album on Tru Thoughts (although his track “Fiesta Tropical” was featured on the “Shapes 07:02” label compilation) but his previous releases include the acclaimed “Bahia” 7″ (Howlin’ Records) which went on to nail the ultimate crossover seal of approval, being played on the John Peel Show. With a knack for working a dancefloor, Azaxx has deejayed at clubs across Europe and as far afield as Brazil, and is a regular at the major Trans Musicales Festival.

“The Exotic Delight Bay” is packed with the temperature-raising flavours and rhythms that Azaxx soaked up on his recent travels in Brazil, stripped back and mixed with influences from old mambo records to modern breaks, jazz, liquid funk and Baltimore Club – and aimed straight for the dancefloor.

“The Exotic Delight Bay” is more dancefloor-orientated than previous Azaxx productions. Cherry-picking from a vast array of musical sources, using an MPC, a sequencer and some carefully deployed VSTs, Azaxx has chopped, mixed, stripped, layered, added his own personal stamp, and built a unique sound which combines a ‘less is more’ aesthetic with big, friendly beats and track-defining hooks.

Azaxx dreamt up most of the track names (“Happy Mango”, “Wild Strawberry Jelly”, “Ooba Ooba” to name a few) while sipping coconuts on the beach in the South American sunshine and, if that doesn’t conjure up an idyllic enough mental image for you, the achingly picturesque scene on the album cover is a photo that he took while he was there. “The Exotic Delight Bay”, true to its title, is an ideal soundtrack to the start of the summer.

In an intriguing addition to his eclectic CV, Azaxx has also produced records for the harpist Alan Stivell, one of the most respected players of traditional Celtic music from his native Brittany.


01. Groucho
02. Zorbanissimo
03. The Pygmy Ballad
04. Autumn Dreamy
05. Carioca Paradise
06. Happy Mango
07. Beach Mambo
08. Fiesta Tropica
09. Smoothly Morning
10. Coco Nuts Bay
11. Ooba Ooba
12. Wild Strawberry Jelly
13. The Pepito Stroll

The album AzaxxThe Exotic Delight Bay” (Tru Thoughts) is going to be released March 13, 2009.

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