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Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 | 14:27 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3675Surely you’ve heard of him before. If not – it’s high time! Call him an electronic music alchemist, know him as a french DJ and cook, or just love him for sharing his outstanding musical talent with us. After his last album “French Cuisine” in 2006 we’re proud to present Alif Tree’s second album “Clockwork” on Compost Records. Surprise guest on “Clockwork” is Memphis legend Tony Joe White.

“Clockwork” is filled with promises and pushed Alif Tree to a new musical state – more personal, detailed, just magic. Influences have been digested and recreated … You can find a bit of those not even hiding within the music. His very first cover “Timestretched”, a song written by The Divine Comedy, inspired Alif Tree to the title of the album: “Clockwork”. It’s about how time changes us, gives life and death, and the unique opportunity to shape our life and soul: uncompromising partner.

The ideas for the songs on “Clockwork” came in one shot, and when the new tracks were composed, he came to the end of a cycle: home, wife, life, this was the end and the beginning of a chapter. He had to find interpreters, singers, musicians: he wanted to do it live this time. In Nashville he hired musicians, some were touring with Bruce Springsteen, some had played with Al Green or Isaac Hayes, some were … Tony Joe White, the caiman legend from the bayou.

“We recorded, night and day, got fat because of beer and of sugar in every dish, and came home with a double, not a triple album. That was the beginning of the long lonely tunnel called editing, mixing, producing. 8 months later we finished this in a studio in Paris (…) Without any false humility, I lust say “Clockwork” is my very best album, no doubt, no comparison.”


“Nu Jazz where Nu Jazz should have gone, before people started calling it Nu Jazz – and got sick of it. Way to go! Inspiring stuff! Koop should watch out for this Frenchman!” Trickski


01. Aurevoir
02. Way Down South feat. Tony Joe White
03. Never Be The Same
04. Reality
05. Mai
06. Que Tu
07. Not Gonna Waste My Time
08. Without Her(th)
09. Timestretched
10. Dead Flowerz

The album Alif TreeClockwork” (Compost) is going to be released February 6, 2009.

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