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Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 | 19:19 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3471The Whitest Boy Alive follow their own rules: It’s four guys in one room. No overdubs, no FX. The music has to be recorded live in one take. Nothing to be added which cannot be played live by a band from Berlin with Erlend Oye as the singer and guitar player. You do that as long as it takes. This time they did it in a studio called “Glass Cube” in Mexiko they built themselves in a house right at the beach. The recording sessions resultet in about 300 different takes of eleven different songs, now melted down to the album the band calls “Rules”. Whereas its predecessor – the debut “Dreams” – had to be taken on stage, “Rules” works the other way around. The band now recorded ideas they gathered during soundchecks and live jams they had during the 120 gigs they played worldwide after the release of “Dreams”.

Since their major live aim is to move the crowd, Erlends deep and intelligent lyrics are now the foundation for a clearly more dance-driven sound on “Rules”. Also the sound-spectrum has been complemented by the rhodes- and crumar synths-play of Daniel Nentwig, who became a regular member of The Whitest Boy Alive and can be heard on each track.

One of the reasons of the Whitest Boy Alive’s success is the fact, that people had the chance to discover the music themselves whithout getting it shoved down their throats by media- and marketing-campains. The music is real and eases your mind, which lead people like skateboarder Jereme Rogers, German actress and director Nicolette Krebitz and ABC Networks (Grey’s Anatomy) to ask for the use of it in their audiovisual projects. Also the Whitest Boy Alive is one of the very few German bands who ever played live in the BBC Culture Show on TV. But most of all, the band’s indie-pop/disco-sound lead to great enthusiasm amongst a steadily growing fanbase worldwide. What happens now: Nobody knows. One thing is for sure: The stage is set for at least 100 more great live-gigs. Prepare to enjoy.


01. Keep A Secret
02. Intentions
03. Courage
04. Time Bomb
05. Roller Coaster Ride
06. High On The Heels
07. 1517
08. Gravity
09. Promise Less Or Do More
10. Dead End
11. Island

The album The Whitest Boy AliveRules” (Bubbles Records) is going to be released February 27, 2009.

The Whitest Boy Alive on tour:

03.04.2009 Leipzig, Centraltheater Hinterbühne
04.04.2009 Jena, Kassablanca
05.04.2009 München, Muffathalle
06.04.2009 Schorndorf, Manufaktur
07.04.2009 Zürich (CH), Hive Club
09.04.2009 Düsseldorf, Zakk
10.04.2009 Rotterdam (NL), Motel Mozaique @ Watt
12.04.2009 Frankfurt, Mousonturm
14.04.2009 Brussels (BE), AB Box
15.04.2009 Paris (F), La Maroquinerie
16.04.2009 London (UK), Scala
18.04.2009 Manchester (UK), Ruby Lounge
22.04.2009 Berlin, Astra
23.04.2009 Hamburg, Übel & Gefährlich
24.04.2009 Aarhus (DK), Train
25.04.2009 Copenhagen (DK), Vega

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