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Friday, Jan 16 2009 | 15:36 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3523Hello. My name is Jamie Pullen. I grew up next to the Liverpool Street Line train tracks on the outskirts of London. For the past ten years or so I’ve been drifting thru life along a a pre-determined highway: 11+, gcses, A-levels, Uni, grad-training, contract – work – for – bloated – global – financial – institutions … basically the sort of thing a model citizen is expected to do these days. But there was always something niggling away, preventing me from resigning myself to a life of suits, ties, and a fat arse. This something was drum and bass innit: my local folk-music from the free-party scene back home and now a worldwide wide-eyed music-scene that has kept me hooked from the moment I first heard it.

I just couldn’t give it up. I always tried to get off the wagon, listening to music as far removed from drum & bass as possible to try and wean myself off it, because it was destroying my personal and professional life. But it just kept it’s grip on me and whenever I’d think “finally, it’s over, I can move on now” I’d hear a track that would rock my socks clean off and I’d be under it’s influence all over again.

Now it’s got so bad I’ve ended up in Hospital. Here I can finally admit to myself that “My name is Mistabishi, and I’m a Jungleholic”. Once you’re addicted to it, you’re addicted for life.

Mistabishi’s amazing debut album “Drop” is due for release on 23/02/09.

Mistabishi Top Ten:

01. London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Hospital)
02. Mistabishi – Lights Really Bad (Hospital Dub)
03. Hive/Dom/Gridlok/Rhymetime – Future Slip (Violence)
04. Culture Shock – Kronix (RAM)
05. Caspa – Floor Dem (Digital Soundboy)
06. Ed Rush And Optical – Chubrub (V!RUS)
07. Mistabishi – White Collar Grime (dub)
08. Harmonic 33 – Arclight (Warp)
09. Gridlok – Labrat (Project 51)
10. Klute – Saviour (Suicidal Failure 001)

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