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Thursday, Jan 08 2009 | 13:34 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3459Loud E is a disco obsessive from Rotterdam. After years of playing house, electro and acid he discovered the sound of disco towards the end of the 90s. Whilst searching the local flea markets of Holland and surrounding countries, Loud E became inspired by the crazy party records he was finding. It took time to search through the junk, but often he came across dancefloor friendly 12″ and 7″ vinyl on the Euro disco, “Hullygully” and “Popcorn” tip. Loud E loved his newly found music so much, he started to incorporate the records into his DJ sets whilst playing in and around Holland. At first the audience reaction was mixed, at times positive, but there were occasions when the audience hated it.

In 2002 legendary DJ and record collector, I-F, asked Loud E to do some mixes for his forthcoming internet radio, CBS. When CBS launched, Loud E gave away all the disco mixes he had been compiling and as a result his international DJ career was born.

While Loud E found a lot of killer disco in Europe’s flea markets he also bought a lot of misbuys too, records that were not good enough to play at a party. While sections of these records were not perfect, on occasions, Loud E recognised parts or breaks that if extended would make for great dancefloor tracks. Loud E began sampling and rearranging these parts with his mini disc player and started to create disco tracks that could survive at today’s parties.

2002 was an important year, it was at this time that Loud E met fellow disco enthusiast Tako. Together they collected many records and from their collection new edits were created. Over the last few years the pair were able to bring everything to the next level – they call their work discoine!

In 2008 London based label Ambassadors Reception picked up on the Loud E & Tako edits and with the A&R guidance of Stevie Kotey a series of specially designed 12″ records were released. The label has now compiled eleven of Loud E’s hottest and unreleased edits onto cd, which will expose the tracks to a whole new audience of music enthusiasts.

The Ambassadors Reception is a new label from Stevie Kotey, Loud E, Tako, Max Essa & Dolan Bergin.


01. Prox
02. 2004 Time Machined
03. Boutique
04. Bill’s Boa
05. Johnville Jungle
06. Changhai Macho
07. Tower Of Love
08. Oceans Of Loud
09. Highway Haze
10. Blacksoul
11. Granada Nights

The album Loud ELoudefied Vol. 1” (Ambassadors Reception) is going to be released January 23, 2009.

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