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Monday, Jan 05 2009 | 14:34 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

3443Four quality sets and massive hit albums recorded for King Jammy, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes plus two “One Blood” longplayer produced by Junior Reid that together give an extensive overview of how Ninjaman became one of reggae dancehalls biggest stars of the 90’s. The four albums in this mid-price box set cover Ninjaman’s glory years from 1992-1994 a period that saw him claim his dancehall crown. Full of classic tracks including the number one hits “Bad Boy Nuh Cub Scout”, “Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting”, and “Mississippi (I Can See Arkansas)” memorably played on BBC Radio One’s Steve Wright In The Afternoon Show. Featured hit duets include Bounty Killer, Cocoa Tea, Junior Reid and Ninja Ford. Limited nice price box-set!


CD1 – Booyakka!-Bookakka!

01. Disarm Them
02. Go Put It Down
03. This Girl Is Mine feat. Cocoa Tea
04. Lighter
05. Education ’94
06. Gun Fi Bun feat. Ninja Ford
07. How Master God World A Run
08. Mi Easy
09. Leff Him
10. Reality (Part 2)
11. Pon Mi Mind feat. Nazzy
12. Woman A ‘U’ Ways
13. Matie
14. Sweeter Ways

CD2 – Hardcore Killing

01. Bwoy Go Sit Down
02. See De Man
03. Fire Burning feat. Junior Reid
04. Throw Mi Corn
05. Spelling Bogle
06. Bob Marley Way
07. Jah Is Real
08. Hardcore Killing
09. Gimme De Cross
10. Tell Dem
11. Life Is Easy
12. Battle Fe Win

CD3 – Hollow Point Bad Boy

01. Hollow Point Bad Boy feat. Tinga Stewart
02. Hold Me
03. Write Your Will
04. Free Paper Bun
05. World Dance
06. Funeral Again
07. Bad Publicity
08. Underground
09. Nuh Badda Trust Dem
10. Five Donkey Mile
11. Bad Boy Nuh Cub Scout feat. Bounty Killer
12. Tiger No Dead
13. Bingo Game

CD4 – Ting A Ling

01. Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting
02. Motorcade
03. Attention
04. Lovers
05. Tings Get Worse
06. Ninja
07. Grandparents
08. Education
09. Mississippi (I Can See Arkansas)
10. Consideration
11. Bring In The Gun
12. Love Rushing

The album NinjamanReggae Legends (Box Set)” (VP Records) is going to be released January 09, 2009.

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