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3330Eagle Nebula is not your average emcee. A pure hip hopper since the age of 8, Nebula was first introduced to rap, not on the radio, but by evenings in her grandmother’s kitchen where rhymed songs were made at random about items around the kitchen. She would soon learn of this act to be called freestyling when, at the age of 12, her mother introduced her to the neighborhood hip-hop workshop Project Blowed.

It was during these formative years in Los Angeles that she began to explore herself as an artist. She practiced photography, designed jewelry and clothing and eventually directed music videos and a short film. Rapping however, was always her first love. As a teenager, she passed time at church by rapping in the parking lot with fellow renaissance woman Georgia Anne Muldrow. In high school, when Georgia started making beats, she gave Nebula the mic.

Eagle spent the early part of the 21st century living in and traveling throughout West Africa where she studied traditional music, dance and poetry. From this experience, she learned new ways to hear and move to sound, but most importantly, she learned of the importance of creating from the soul for that which is greater than you.

A progressive emcee who creates trends instead of bending to them Eagle Nebula possesses the power to energize the most weary soul and add color to the most dreary places. There is something about her that is quite magical. It could be the cosmic headphones she wears, or one of her other ornate self made head pieces, but most likely, it is her spirit overflowing with joy that she feels compelled to share with all humanity. In due time, her bright brand of optimism will have reached every corner of the world as she inspires everyone to GO COSMIC!!!!! Eagle Nebula’s album “Cosmic Headphones” is the second imprint on Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Epistriophik Peach Sound label.

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