Monday, Dec 08 2008 | 18:00

It’s been three years since ?uestlove (The Roots) famously revealed: “… I listened to the album “Triple P” seven times in a row … I made 23 friends listen to the album 3 days straight … at gunpoint – I’m on the run. I will go to jail for Platinum Pied Pipers.” And the time has been used well by Waajeed and Saadiq, who have since changed their name to the more simply stated PPP. The group’s latest incarnation will be releasing the follow-up album, “Abundance” in January 2009. Never ones for staying stagnant, PPP take a new, more progressive direction on this project that manages to stay true to Triple P’s soul-based foundation, while broadening its sound and covering plentys of new sonic territory. The result is a fluid mash-up of the group’s array of both vintage & modern influences from pop, house, funk, Detroit techno, and of course, hip hop – all filtered through the group’s unique vision for the future.

On the first go-round, PPP extensively toured the U.S. and Europe for more than a year and a half, with some of the highlights including performing at festivals like Coachella and the Montreal Jazz Festival, and sharing stages with the likes of Roy Ayers, Zap Mama, Brazilian Girls, Mark Ronson, and ?uestlove.

The new supporting cast is headed by uprising soul sensation, Coultrain – an awe-inspiring voice and refreshing lyricist hailing from St. Louis, along with female counterparts Karma (TX), Jamilia Raegan (NYC), and returning collaborator, Neco Redd (Detroit). All of these artists are brought together under the guidance of PPP and matched with their keen production sense, resulting in some exciting new sounds that are sure to ignite the group’s loyal fan base, as well as demand the attention of plenty of new ears.

In the words of Waajeed, the goal in creating the new album was to “put some paint where it ain’t” and fill some of the voids left open by the industry over the last couple of years. As always, the groups method in accomplishing their objective is a fresh approach to production and style which is sure to once again shake-up the industry and reset the boundaries all over again – and then some.

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