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Monday, Dec 08 2008 | 19:42 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Finland’s Jimi Tenor, a musician, composer and arranger known to constantly reinvent himself, has finished work on his latest album “4th Dimension”, set for release in early 2009. On “4th Dimension” Jimi Tenor continues his exploration of afrobeat music. The album also sees him re-unite with Kabu Kabu, a group of West African musicians based in Germany, who debuted on Tenor’s 2007 album “Joystone”.

The afrobeat on “4th Dimension” is highlighted with Tenor’s jazzy, bohemian touches and his ability to write irresistible tunes. Tenor’s catchy-yet-challenging arrangements are reminiscent of the legendary Fela Kuti, and perhaps one can also sense the influence of the likes of Lalo Schifrin, Charlie Mingus and Sun Ra. Tenor’s trademark high-pitched vocals are heard less this time around, as the maestro concentrates on tooting his tenor sax, playing the flute and synth.

The album’s first single “Mystery Spot” is uplifting and uptempo afrobeat music. “Global Party” starts out moody, but builds into a frenzied disco groove. “Grind!” and “Me I Say Yes” are perhaps the album’s most traditional afro-inspired songs with their loping basslines and heavy percussion.
“Mogadishu Ave.” is a surprise number of Goblin-esque psychedelic prog rock. “Mega Roots” and “Fast Legs” are lo-fi percussion jams similar to the African field recordings released by legendary labels Folkways and Ocora.

“4th Dimension” is yet another superb album by Jimi Tenor.


01. Aligned Planets
02. Mystery Spot
03. Global Party
04. Triple Helix
05. Grind!
06. Mogadishu Ave.
07. Mega Roots
08. Me I Say Yes
09. Floating Orange
10. El Lahti!
11. Kolmikanta
12. Fast Legs
13. Higher Styx
14. Magical World

The album ” () is going to be released January 23, 2009.

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