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The 9th of nine children, Terry Lynn was born and raised in Olympic Gardens, otherwise known as Waterhouse, an impoverished area in Kingston, Jamaica. Terry grew up a tomboy competing against boys all her life, from skateboards to rhymes. Her favorite hobby aside from survival was lyrically clashing with guys selling produce amidst the chaotic markets and crowded arcades of Kingston. She would fiercely take on anyone causing an uproar from passersby witnessing a female spitting hard, insightful lyrics about the city swirling around them.

As a female with a different perspective, Terry didn’t fit into the local studio system of rapid recording and was frustrated by frivolous, hook-driven subject matter. She would not compromise her stance to fit in, opting instead to wait out for a chance to do things differently, to go against the systsem. Terry’s took as much time as needed to write complete stories and songs capturing her life experiences as she lived them, ignoring time pressures, and removed from the local industry grind. The result is two sides of “Kingstonlogic 2.0” is released first, as the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.

“I believe in love and life itself. I am not trying to incite or condone violence in anyway. If you see me in a picture with a gun, it’s a satirical picture of the environment in which I grew up. All this is reflected upon us because of a system which I wish not to be a part of. I want to spread a message through my music and believe wisdom and understanding cannot be bought or sold.”

Terry Lynn‘s debut album “Kingstonlogic 2.0” (Phree Music) has been released October 31, 2008.

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