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Monday, Aug 25 2008 | 14:16 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Deep in the heart of Panola County, Mississippi lies Como, a small rural town where children and grown folks alike have been living and breathing gospel for as long as they can remember. In the summer of 2006, Daptone Records placed a small ad in local papers and on the radio inviting singers to come down to Mt. Mariah Church to record their songs. The result is “Como Now: The Voices Of Panola”, a stirring collection of traditional and original a cappella gospel from the voices of Panola County’s own families.

The 16 songs on this record feature performances by every one of the singers that came down to Mt. Mariah Church on July 22nd, 2006. Though their music is steeped in tradition, it should not be filed away as some sort of academic field recording. It was not made for the archives of the Library of Congress, nor for the benefit of musicologists and anthropologists. “Como Now: The Voices Of Panola” is a contemporary recording of contemporary people. From the slow stirring duets of Brother Raymond and Sister Joella Walker to the bouncing harmonies of the Jones Sisters, every song on this record is meant for you, their contemporary, to hear how the people of Como, Mississippi sing – right now.


01. Mary Moore – When The Gates Swing Open
02. The John Edwards Singers – It’s Alright
03. Brother and Sister Walker – I Can See So Much
04. Della Daniels and Ester Mae Smith – Jesus Builds a Fence
Around Me
05. Como Mamas feat. Mary Moore – Trouble In My Way
06. Irene Stevenson – If It Had Not Been For Jesus
07. Brother and Sister Walker – If It Wasn’t For The Lord
08. The John Edwards Singers – New Burying Ground
09. Como Mamas feat. Mary Moore – God’s Unchanging
10. Rev. Robert Walker – I Can’t Afford To Let My Saviour Down
11. The Jones Sisters – Talk With Jesus
12. Irene Stevenson – Lil’ Old Church House
13. Como Mamas feat. Mary Moore – Send Me I’ll Go
14. Brother and Sister Walker – Help Me To Carry On
15. Della Daniels and Ester Mae Smith – Move Upstairs
16. Mary Moore – Somebody Here Needs You Lord

The compilation VariousComo Now: The Voices Of Panola” (Daptone Records) is going to be released August 29, 2008.

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