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Friday, Aug 22 2008 | 17:34 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Eagle Nebula is the voice hip-hop has been waiting for! An urban sage wise beyond her years, the emcee/poet/songwriter bursts out of the hip hop box with her bright brand of optimism. Blending the perfect balance of wit and wisdom, Nebula creates new life atop a musical landscape that appears desolate. A true believer in the power of music to heal and enlighten, she sites her influences as: De La Soul, Guru, Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti, Oumou Sangare and Sun Ra. As with these artists, Nebula possesses the skill and power to speak truth and positivity in times of crises. Equally humorous and intelligent, she channels the golden age of hip-hop with playful lyrics and an electric delivery. Though she is often compared stylistically to the mighty KRS-1 and MC Lyte, she is boldly unique, never bending to trends, but instead clearing a new path through unmarked musical territory.

Her specific genre of music is hip-hop with an old school bop and a funk edge. The former student of Sonia Sanchez blends poetry and hip-hop in a way never done before. The rap game has never seen anything like her before and might decide to dance again after being touched by her light.
Lately, the Inglewood, California native has been gracing East Coast stages, freestlying with the likes of underground trailblazers Baba Israel, Yako 440 and Core Rhythm. Most recently, she has paired up with the supremely talented, fellow West Coaster, Georgia Anne Muldrow to create a supernatural hip-hop joyride.

Hip-hop fans should brace themselves and get ready to experience the magic that is Eagle Nebula. Listen closely; she might make you love life and music more than you ever have before.

“Cosmic Headphones” has been produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow, and Dudley Perkins (track #5). Including guest appearances by Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Mudlrow, and Ogechi.


01. Infomercial
02. Daily Debut
03. Ether Cash
04. Page 2
05. Street Shrine
06. What I Like
07. Fonktion 101
08. Jitterbug Fonk
09. Celebrity Stylist
10. Funny (Hip Hop)
11. Napp Rock
12. Spaceship Earth
13. Clear Blue Sky

The album Eagle NebulaCosmic Headphones” (Epistrophik Peach Sound) is going to be released September 19, 2008.

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