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"Hip hop and beyond" is the best way to describe Sepalot‘s nightly DJ sets. He’s not only spinning records as a resident DJ in his hometown Munich, he’s also touring the world from Johannesburg, Sydney to Moscow. Sepalot‘s best known for taking the crowd on a journey from hip hop to electronic beats. As a band member and producer of the famous German hip hop group Blumentopf he released two Top 10 albums and two Top 20 albums. The numerous sold out tours took them to places like Beirut, Aman, Cairo, or Alexandria. Experiences like that and an open minded approach demonstrate that Sepalot´s skills and his musical vision goes way further than of most other beatmakers.

After various solo releases in Germany, Lebanon, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, remix productions and soundtrack projects, Sepalot is now going to drop his brand new solo album "Red Handed" on Compost Records. The album is aiming at an international audience, with a sound Sepalot describes as "European" and guest appearances by Frank’N’Dank, Olivier Day Soul, Miss Platnum, Ladi6, Blue, Saigon, and many more.

"Red Handed"

"European" that is the name for this sound, the sound that Sepalot has chosen to be his own. A sound that doesn’t fit a specific formula, but who cares, when it hits you with the force and power that this album has. Known to be a DJ that mixes all his favourite styles into a melange of hip hop and related sounds, with a big piece of electro thrown in, he took his DJ experiences just one step further.

Starting off this array of featured artists were famed J.Dilla Detroit boys Frank’N’Dank, followed by New Zealand’s Fat Freddy’s Drops lovely singer Ladi6, as well as Germanys own shrill and wonderful soul diva Miss Platnum, Olivier Day Soul bringing the funk back, LA resident MC Blu and last but not least NYs number one hope when it comes to rap: Saigon, with the throbbing "Did it again!".

The first single from the album "She Likes Me" featuring Frank Nitty (the Frank in Frank’N’Dank) sets the tone for what’s in store and created quite a buzz amongst local and international Djs. With west coast Mc Blu being the featured guest on the B-side "Surrender", a track specifically chosen for its more hard core approach, Sepalot is showcasing the versatility of an album that can truly hold its own amongst a multitude of international releases.

As a member of German hip hop pioneers "Blumentopf" he released various Top 10 and Top 20 albums, sold over 300.000 albums with them in Germany alone and helped take their countless sold out shows to the boiling point behind his decks. The well-deserved time out from the group, who’s producer and DJ he remains, is now successfully used to create his own sound. Sepalot’s solo album "Red Handed" is homage to all his musical influences of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is where the story ends and begins, "Red Handed" takes us on a journey, a journey to "hip hop and beyond"!


01. The Intro feat. Frank Nitty
02. Surrender feat. Blu
03. Did It Again feat. Saigon
04. Jump feat. OlivierDaySoul
05. Summerset
06. She Likes Me feat. Frank Nitty
07. Go Get It feat. Ladi6
08. Liquid Embrace feat. Esther
09. From The Get Go feat. Frank Nitty
10. September
11. Smile feat. Shuane
12. Smile Part 2
13. Rearrange
14. How Can I Say feat. Miss Platnum
15. Blow feat. Frank N Dank
16. Lights (Down Low) feat. OlivierDaySoul
17. Manly

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The album Sepalot "Red Handed" (Compost) has been released June 6, 2008.
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