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Thursday, May 29 2008 | 14:19

Available on Digipack-CD & Limited Vinyl-LP. Brilliant Harp Jazz album from 1965, vocals by Rob Pronk & Blanche Birdsong. Dreamy Latin Jazz and bossa beats with beautiful singing & scat vocals, soft like a summer breeze, with sidemen Stuff Combe, John Fischer and others, produced by Friedel Berlipp aka Berry Lipman. Completely vanished original LP on the German Vogue label, never re-released before, remastered 2008, plus original cover artwork, unreleased session photos and new liner notes.

This terribly rare 1965 album on the Vogue label, correctly entitled “Love And Harp A La Latin”, can be considered as the great lost latin music album in the scarce genre of “harp jazz”. In the 60s and early 70s, Jonny Teupen stood out as the European counterpart to Dorothy Ashby’s “hip harp” in the US and recorded many harp jazz & soul tracks here in Germany mainly for Saba / MPS. This very early album on the Vogue label was completely different to his later approaches, fusing blues, latin sounds and bossa nova in a truely warm and soft manner. Producer and arranger Friedel Berlipp set up a small latin ensemble with brilliant soloists from the Orchestra Kurt Edelhagen (that later became the WDR Big Band) and added the beautiful voices of Blanche Birdsong and Rob Pronk to the enchanting mix. The result is a stunning latin & vocal jazz album with brilliant arrangements to play over and over again, intelligent music for relaxation and “after-work, when we actually want to listen to nothing anymore”, like Joe Schevardo puts it right in his original liner notes. (Ekkehart Fleischhammer, May 2008)

Besides the Blues there has been no similarly lasting movement in Jazz music as the Latin American. Already at the turn of the century, creole songs with a rhumba-like rhythm were popular in New Orleans. That time brought about some friendly connection between jazz and Latin American Folklore, no matter, how strange this may sound to a purist`s ear. The first bar of the evergreenest of all jazz evergreens, the St. Louis Blues, are more similar to a habanera than to a blues. Since that time jazz was flirting again and again with Latin American Folklore. “Love And Harp A La Latin” is exactly what the title indicates: Latin music in leisurely time and impressionistic colour. Melodies and rhythms just right for a dreamy, romantic mood after midnight. (Joe Schevardo, from original liner notes 1965)


01. Mody (Pronk)
02. Jonny And Blanche (Berlipp)
03. Linda (Kästel/ Weber/ Aviles)
04. Cielito Lindo (Trad. Arr. Teupen)
05. Frankie And Jonny (Trad. Arr. Kuhn)
06. Auprès De Ma Blonde (Trad. Arr. Teupen)
07. Jonny’s Harp (Berlipp/ Teupen/ Colpar)
08. La Mucura (Trad. Arr. Combe)
09. Sur Le Pont D`Avignon (Trad. Arr. Berlipp)
10. Reservado (Berlipp/ Teupen/ Colpar)
11. C’est Re-Na-Ta (Pronk)
12. Ding (Blech)
13. Ballade (Combe)
14. No Name Samba (Fischer)
15. Sambleebloo (Pronk)

The album Jonny TeupenLove & Harp A La Latin” (Sonorama) has been released July 4, 2008.

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