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Monday, May 26 2008 | 12:38 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Munk is the project of Mathias Modica – one of the two masterminds behind Gomma records, Germany`s leading label for all kinds of new and freaked out disco inspired music. Munk released the “Future Disco & Psycho Soul” (i-D magazine) debut album “Aperitivo” in 2005. The album included the club hit “Kick Out The Chairs!”, featuring James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem) – the boss of New York`s finest disco label DFA records on vocals.

Now the follow up album “Cloudbuster” will be released on May 30, 2008. And the timing is perfect: The last musical trends, such as minimal house and new rave, are getting a bit annoying and a lot of people are turning to the new disco boheme. In fact, for a few months Gomma has been more in demand than ever: Several Gomma acts have been chosen to support stars like Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax on their gigs and have been asked to remix bands like Bloc Party, Digitalism, Gorillaz and Superdiscount.

Thus, it`s no wonder some interesting people joined Munk for this album: Italian actress Asia Argento sings three songs, including the first single “Live Fast! Die Old!”. The glamorous daughter of cult horror filmmaker Dario Argento is currently Italy’s most talked about actress. She played a major part in the last Sofia Coppola movie Marie Antoinette as well as in the new Abel Ferrara movie. The international Herald Tribune called her “the queen of this year’s Cannes Film Festival”.

Some words from her about the cooperation with Munk: “About a year ago I started hearing a rumour that Munk wanted to collaborate with me. I already was enamored with the Munk music, aesthetics and humour. I flew to Munich and we worked on the 3 tracks in their studio, drinking champagne, eating white Würstels and speaking Latin. The lyrics for the tracks “Live Fast Die Old” is my motto, my credo, a way of life: the only hope to stay alive in the Reign of the Dead. After working like crazed donkeys I fell asleep on their studio floor, in a drunken happy haze. Gomma Records Rule the World Supreme!”

Other participations on “Cloudbuster” include Matty Safer from New York`s discopunkers The Rapture and Busy P of Ed Banger records. He fell in love with the first single “Live Fast! Die Old!”, and he proposed to do his own version, which will be released in June.

“Cloudbuster” is not a retro disco album. It’s futuristic astral funk from the year 2099 mixed up with 70ies psychedelic vibes, 80ies Italodisco and 90ies electronica. The album starts with some dirty disco hymns and ends in a superslow krauty cineastic sound orgy.

It’s the opposite to the current wave of clean, digital computer music. “Cloudbuster” sounds very analogue. Old drum machines, cheap synthies, flutes, organs, strings, xylophones and a lot of pianos. In fact, Munk music is inspired by two very German things: On the one hand the Krautrock sound of 70ies Munich bands and Italian filmscores – on the other hand there is the Munich Disco phenomenon. Munich Disco was the sound that made Munich the centre of the pop music world 20 years ago. When Freddie Mercury came to Munich to record “Another one Bites the Dust” and Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer invaded the US charts with Munich style disco music. Munk is Italo German Mathias Modica – one of the two founders of Gomma records. The Munk project initially was created by him and his partner Jonas Imbery – who co-produced and co-wrote also this album. Imbery now left Munk and will come up with his new solo project Telonius. Munk now is Modica alone. For live gigs he will be joined by 3 other musicians.

Let there be Munk!


01. Live Fast! Die Old!
02. Down In L.A.
03. Interludus No.1
04. You Never See Me Back Down
05. The Ratrace
06. Under Kontrol
07. No Milk
08. Bohemian Mud Strut
09. Monopterus
10. Interludus No.2
11. Il Gatto
12. Psycho Magic
13. Interludus No.3
14. The Knights Of Heliopolis

The album MunkCloudbuster” (Gomma) has been released May 30, 2008.

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