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Tuesday, May 13 2008 | 15:06
Eddie Patrick Smith (from Detroit) and Percepticon (from Minneapolis) formed Blaktroniks to create an artistic platform for themselves and like-minded artists in Oakland. They released their first records and videos on their own multimedia-company DKIM. Later on they released music on various platforms including Moving Records, Reflective, Tokyo Dawn, and now Rubaiyat.

The biographies of the individual group-members touch a lot of subjects and different relations: from genetic-engineering-patent-university-studies to working in a barbershop. From building electronic devices and lofi indie FPS PC games to programming official Star Wars-games. From Count Basie-family-relations to music-relations to famous artists from Minneapolis. Those experiences, living in Oakland and a lot more are reflected in the music and the art of the Blaktroniks.

Now the Blaktroniks release their fifth album entitled "Mechanized Soul" on Rubaiyat/Phazzadelic. The album is a special father-son collaboration between Blaktroniks founder Edd Dee Pee and his 60-year-old father Edward Robinson who was a famous Detroit soul singer back in the 60s.

As you can tell by its title, one main topic of the album is "soul", although Blaktroniks have a differentiated attitude towards the use of the word "soul", which doesn't match the average music style definition. Blaktroniks are of the opinion that "everybody has got a soul", and about the retro soul sound they say: "Don't immitate your parents' past, create your own generation of memories". So instead of reproducing some cliché "good ol times"-sound, a special father-son cooperation between Blaktroniks founder, Edd Dee Pee and his 60-year-old father, Edward Robinson (both born in Detroit) is to be found in the spotlight. About half of the son's digital productions are supported by the blues/gospel vocals of the father (appearing partly oriental).

Apart from this, you can not only enjoy listening to rap tracks and synth-based titles, but also indulge in collaborations with Gudrun Gut (Malaria, Monika-Enterprise, Oceanclub), Gavin, and Onyx Ashanti who plays a so called "wind synthesizer".

Blaktroniks: "This project shows that true expression is the ability to expose your affirmative and sullen sides through your art. If we portray ourselves as a social standard, then we will one day be judged by that premise, and seem like hypocrites in the future. One of our favorite political rap groups has a member that has sold his band out for personal fame at the cost of reversing all the positive and progressive message they once represented. I will not name this group. But it is a true shame. How someone can turn into a complete minstrel clown? Thats why we give this music to the listener. And we ask not to be judged."


01. Blaktroniks Official Watermark
02. Uhuru
03. Open Your Heart
04. Precious
05. Regenerate
06. Back In The Days
07. Where
08. Noon
09. Angel
10. Check Ya People
11. Blow My Fuse
12. Testing
13. Give Me Room
14. Resist & Reaction
15. Easy Street

Audio Files: Listen

The album Blaktroniks "Mechanized Soul" (Rubaiyat / Phazzadelic) is going to be released May 23, 2008.
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