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248The Lone Catalysts, consisting of emcee J. Sands and producer J. Rawls, are ready for the world. The group has been together since the mid-90’s and have formed a cohesiveness that shows in the music they create. The first release from the Lone Catalysts, The Beginning EP, was in August of 1998. The Beginning EP contained a six song menu starting off with the title track “The Beginning”. The EP also consisted of the “Paper Chase”, “Lone Catalysts” (short version), “Heirs”, “Thin as Paper” and “New recruits”. Distributed mainly in the Midwest, The Beginning EP was a excellent promotional tool to let people know exactly who the Lone Catalysts are.

The second project for the group was a J. Rawls production gem on the “Mos Def & Kweli are Black Star.” Rawls contributed production on “Brown Skin Lady” and “Yo, Yeah” which placed him among the new hottest producers in the rap music genre. The “Mos Def & Kweli are Black Star” did very well in the independent hip hop market and was acclaimed as one of the best albums in 1998.

Very soon after the release of “Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star” we hear from the Lone Catalysts again. This time on the Nervous records compilation “Hip Hop Independents Day VOL. II”, with their self-titled song Lone Catalysts. This compilation was released in November 1998 and featured many of the new artists in the hip hop underground, and also gave the Lone Catalysts their first world-wide release.

Just when you thought the year was done, J Sands and J Rawls started B.U.K.A. Entertainment and released their first independent single, “Paper Chase” b/w “Heirs.” Eventhough they were newcomers to the independent record business, they have managed to sell over 3000 units and counting in a two month period.

What is next for the group? This spring they plan on taking hip hop by storm with their second release off of B.U.K.A. Entertainment titled “Due Process” featuring Talib Kweli (from Black Star and Reflection Eternal) & Rubix b/w “Let it Soak” featuring Dante (from MOOD) and Holmskillit. This plans to be a landmark accomplishment for the two, and the start of a long career of bringing the music hip hop heads have been looking for.

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