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Thursday, Mar 27 2008 | 12:20 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

London-based electronic rock band Temposhark was formed in December 2004 by singer/songwriter Rob Diament and producer Luke Busby. The band immediately set up their own record label Paper And Glue as a means of releasing a series of limited edition singles, the first of which was the critically acclaimed EP “Neon ?”. An instant hit with the UK underground, Temposhark quickly collaborated on a duet with singer Imogen Heap (Frou Frou) and received club remixes from electro pioneers including Cursor Miner, Mark Moore (S’Express), Avril (F Communications), Metronomy, Melnyk, Crispin J Glover, Noblesse Oblige (Horse Glue) and hip hop artists Border Crossing and Akira The Don.

After hearing Temposhark’s second EP “Invisible Ink/Little White Lie” (May 2005), acclaimed producer Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Björk, Britney Spears) became an instant fan and went on to produce the band’s first UK-nwide released single “It’s Better To Have Loved” (December 2005). In May 2006 Temposhark released its second single “Joy” on limited edition CD and 7″ vinyl. The track became a favorite with the UK press and led to a subsequent nationwide tour. Temposhark gained many new fans when the track was featured on the homepage of iTunes UK and in iTunes’ weekly newsletter and was featured as the iTunes US staff favorite of the week (January 2007).

Live, Temposhark are slick and sexy with a strong stage presence supported by innovative visuals. There are four of them on stage: Rob Diament (vocalist), Mark Ferguson (guitar), Luke Busby (keyboard) and Mathis Richet (drums), accompanied by string players where appropriate. They are a massive hit on London’s uber fashionable electro scene and have fans both in the dance music and live music scenes. They are regulars in clubs, live music venues and top music festivals (Homelands, TDK Cross Central and the Latitude Festival) and performed as a part of two showcases at SXSW 2007 (Temposhark was awarded a British Music Abroad Award by The PRS Foundation in support of SXSW). The band completed two very successful North America tours in the summer and fall of 2007, with

sold-out dates in New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

More than just music, Temposhark are also viewed as an all-encompassing art project. Vocalist Rob Diament is a huge art aficionado and member of the London fashion scene. Having previously worked for UK street artist Banksy and other influential graffiti artists, Diament avidly collects a number of artists’ work including Tracey Emin, Anne Hardy, Annie Kevans, Jessica Rankin, Julie Verhoeven, Stella Vine and Phillipa Horan.

Temposhark’s debut album “The Invisible Line” was inspired by artist Tracey Emin, from passages in her books “Exploration Of The Soul” (1994) and “Strangeland” (2005). Their vinyl and CD releases have also been stylishly packaged and this has projected their image as a band of quality. Additionally, Temposhark have written two short film soundtracks for fine artist Justine Pearsall and count Bjork, Guy Sigsworth, Placebo and Darren Hayes amongst their fans.


A perfectly balanced electro dub pop trio. Temposhark merge the intelligence of Pet Shop Boys with the deceptive disposability of Fischerspooner.Attitude Magazine

Funktastic New York punk sauciness from, um, London, this is music from the dark backroom of Studio 54 in 1982 where Prince, Cameo, Wham! and New Order are frotting each other into a lather over the very idea of Fischerspooner coming along in 20 years’ time. Determinedly hip … you will be hanging their picture on your wall.NME

Hanging out with Madonna producer Guy Sigsworth has given Welshman Rob Diament and his Temposhark chums a clean and glossy artful beat pop ambience … owes a debt to atmospheric indie-friendly popsters such as Scritti Politti and Kate Bush.Sound Nation

The excellent Temposhark have been causing a stir with their gritty synth lyrics in electrotrashy nights across town. Ace newcomers.Time Out London

It’s a blast and of the highest caliber.Princess Julia


01. Don’t Mess With Me
02. Joy
03. Blame
04. It’s Better To Have Loved
05. Not That Big feat. Imogen Heap
06. Knock Me Out
07. Crime
08. Battleships
09. Little White Lie
10. Invisible Ink (Prelude)
11. Invisible Ink
12. Winter’s Coming (Hidden Bonus Track)

The album TemposharkThe Invisible Line” (Defend Music) has been released March 28, 2008.

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