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Monday, Mar 10 2008 | 17:16

The most exciting new band to emerge from Jamaica in over a decade! Reggae-Rockers, Rootz Underground’s debut album “Movement” features “Victims Of The System” the #1 single/video in 23 countries in the Caribbean. “Movement” reflects a modern rootz, rock, reggae sound, featuring production from Wayne Armond (Chalice), Dean Fraser and Bobby Digital.


“Consequently the group has the potential to do something, no Jamaican band has fully achieved since Bob Marley’s Exodus album, cross into the mainstream.” Sarah Bentley, Riddim Magazine

“Rootz Underground are a truly unique roots rock reggae band with powerful lyrics and haunting melodies. Reggae and Jamaica need more innovative bands like this to bring the music back to the people in the concert halls and festivals.” David Rodigan

“The group makes highly addictive music in the vein of traditional roots rock reggae but with an updated, modern approach. With rebellious lyrics and bass lines that won’t quit, if you can envision Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Frantz Fanon, and Geronimo wailing away in a reggae band, then you’re ready to hear Rootz Underground.” Jonathan Cunnigham, Broward-Palm Beach, FL New Times

“One of the best bands to come out of Jamaica in 10 years, they weld molten reggae into new shapes by soldering in some lava rock. “Victims Of The System” is as dangerous as it comes. Outstanding tracks also include “Herb Fields”, “Corners Of My Mind”, “In The Jungle” and “How Much Longer”. Rootz Underground have the licks, the looks and the locks, so with a little luck, there is nothing that they will lack.” Native Wayne Jobson, Indie 103.1 Radio Los Angeles


01. Intro (Rory of Stone Love)
02. Time Is An Illusion
03. Victims Of The System
04. Bongo Author – Deep Underground
05. Herb Fields
06. 20 Centuries
07. Hammer
08. Farming
09. In The Jungle
10. Special Place
11. Orange Sun Rays Outro
12. Riverstone
13. Climbing To The Rootz
14. In My Hut
15. Rain
16. When I Go
17. Corners Of My Mind
18. How Much Longer
19. In The Jungle Remix

The album Rootz UndergroundMovement” (Mystic Urchin) has been released April 11, 2008.

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