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Monday, Nov 26 2007 | 12:18 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Marbert Rocel are Compost’s latest signing. Hailing from Thuringia, Germany, they are combining deep minimal house, electronica and jazz with a great sense for pop music. You got to be patient when crossing Marbert Rocel’s path late at night or listening to one of their tracks because you will start thumping with your eyelashes until you see your whole body turning into a non-stop wet wet wriggling – waterfall-esque armpits inclusive.

The duo consisting of Marbert and Rocel is a trio to be exact: Marcel Aue (producing, DJing and mixing), Robert Krause (producing, DJing and artwork) and Antje Seifarth (Vocals) have always know how to melt down the ears and the sneaker soles of their fellow Thuringians with their house-jazz-frickel-elektronika performance. But with the release of their debut album “Speed Emotions” on Compost it is time to venture out and spread their compositions to all those greedy music appreciators worldwide.

Sunny sound dots appeared all over the wide valley of Thuringia, Germany – the place where lush moving meadows outshines the ways of masters and servants. Everything began with two upright guys and a fly girl, who had a cup of milk and honey at the late club. By every slug they spread a warm and cosy beat over the folks hearts. Beats like birds flap their wings in the rhythm of warm house and understatement pop. For five years to date they keep to the big bang jigger kings with delight uptempo emo and frickelchick.

“Marbert Rocel, is like painting tattoos with water colors and playing jazz from both sides of the carrera race track while searching sounds with a touch of old super 8 movies.”

The album Marbert RocelSpeed Emotions” (Compost) has been released November 23, 2007.

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