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“Each moment of music is a step into the future.” Bobby Mc Ferrin

Navigating an atypical musical expedition, Burnt Friedman´s unusual trajectory curved its way through an adolescent obsession with percussion and a singular dedication to amassing a self-recorded audio-library dating from 1978. What followed in the late 80ties was a period of art academia, performance and video art, then immersion in the first flurry of collaborative music projects. Since 1993 he released records under various names, such as Nonplace Urban Field (Ninja Tune 1994), Drome (Ninja Tune 1993) and began working as Flanger (Ninja Tune 1997) with Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™. As a result of annual travels to Australia and New Zealand The Nu Dub Players (scape 1999) took shape in 1997.

In the year 2000 Friedman founded his own label Nonplace to ensure continuity for diverse musical adventures. The first collaborative effort in 2001 “Secret Rhythms” with Jaki Liebezeit and Joseph Suchy successfully combined odd meter rhythms, improvisation between electronic and acoustic instruments and a global view on music.

Nowadays, Burnt Friedman is still programming beats and chords but is also working with a lot of international top level musicians; one of them is the New Zealander, Hayden Chisholm, composer and reed player of The Embassadors (on Nonplace in October 2007). Probably most known to the public is Burnt Friedman´s group project with David Sylvian and Steve Jansen: Nine Horses (samadhisound 2005).

During 2001 the very first sketches for “First Night Forever” were brought to tape and developed further until 2007. You may recognize one or another rhythmic pattern from “Secret Rhythms” amongst the album tracks, but no particular methods were conceived to create the songs.

Burnt Friedman´s sound-sculpting signature has fully developed intuitively. The emotional maximalism of the instrumentals inspires singers of all genres to tune in: Steve Spacek was formerly signed to Island records. His album contribution was written and engineered by himself in Sydney, May 2007 while embroiled in his own solo production. Except for Steve Spacek all singers recorded with Burnt Friedman in his Cologne Nonplace studio.

Enik is an incredibly talented singer and producer from Munich, his first EP came out on Germany´s Wonder records, this was when Burnt Friedman took notice. Enik signed a deal with EMI and produced a full length album.

Berlin singer and composer Barbara Panther is currently creating her debut album. She appears on record for the first time.

Three album tracks feature singer and performing artist Theo Altenberg from Berlin. Formerly a member of the Viennese Otto Mühl Commune, he is known for his photographs documenting the life of the commune from 1973-1978.

Daniel Dodd-Ellis is from Austin/Texas. He currently rehearsing as the main protagonist in an upcoming Robert Wilson theatre piece.

Although the complete spectrum of 7 year´s psychedelic audio wizardry is guaranteed, the record´s aim to reach a wide audience is clearly intended.

Burnt´s earlier solo productions “Con Ritmo” (non03 2000), “Plays Love Songs” (non05 2001), and “Can´t Cool” (non13 2003) might have confused one or another by stylistic freedom and an intricate perfectionism, “First Night Forever” will simply enthrall everyone with a sense for eroticism.

“The production – recording and arranging – was enabled by a logical bypass switch located on the left side of my brain, known to the art world as the surrealist´s psychic automatism. The nature of this studio recording project is absolutely artificial! Most of the participating musicians have never been playing together, similar to the Nine Horses production with David Sylvian and Steve Jansen, 3 years ago. It is not solely pushing each song´s sound cosmos to its evolutionary limits; but it is giving CHANCE a piece.” (Burnt Friedman)


01. Where Should I Go feat. Steve Spacek
02. Machine In The Ghost feat. Barbara Panther
03. Walk With Me feat. Steve Spacek
04. Need Is All You Love feat. Theo Altenberg
05. First Night Forever feat. Daniel Dodd-Ellis
06. Healer feat. Theo Altenberg
07. Western Smoke feat. Enik
08. Thumb Second feat. Enik
09. Chaos Breeds 1
10. Chaos Breeds 2 feat. Dodd-Ellis, Panther, Altenberg

The album Burnt FriedmanFirst Night Forever” (Nonplace) has been released September 21, 2007.

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