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Monday, Aug 06 2007 | 13:32

As foretold by the oracles of Look Records, in the fall of the year 2007 a message will be delivered from beyond time and space. Called The Message Uni Versa, these words of funk and light will be brought by two powerful spiritual guardians known as G&D. It is believed that its arrival will bridge the gaps between generations and peoples, and that it will heal the wounded spirits of the oppressed. In an age where unjust men pass judgment and the world’s leaders are in need of spiritual rehab, these two alien beings will arrive with a mission of unity, soul, and love. Needless to say, it will defy all categorization as you know it.

The members of G&D, known on Earth as Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, are blue walking soul people born from black music. Georgia was called into the universe by members of the progressive jazz movement in the 70’s, and spent years crafting a temple of synthesizers, keyboards, and other obscure musical instruments, dedicated to sounds which bring back to life vibrations of classic soul, free jazz, funk, and old school boom-baps. She learned the forgotten art of the singer/songwriter/producer, and by sheer force of mind she summoned forth The Worthnothings EP and Olesi: Fragments of an Earth (Stones Throw Records).

Dudley Perkins, called Declaime by the rebels of the hip-hop underground, sings with a voice that bumps with rhythm, floats with melody, and is charged with pure soul – and yet, there’s another quality of his voice, which mere mortal music critics cannot describe. He shone his lyrical light with Madlib for the recording A Lil’ Light in 2003. Three years later, Dudley encountered Georgia in the preparations for Expressions (2012 A.U.) (also Stones Throw), and they realized that they were even stronger together. And so, with Dudley’s powers of vocal persuasion united with Georgia’s otherworldly singing and studio genius, G&D put together a universal message of peace, love, rhythm and rhyme to humankind – a Message Uni Versa.

A loose translation of Message Uni Versa, according to scholars and professors, is “one song in the universe,” or “we are all one,” depending on whether you ask the scholars or the professors. Transcribed onto digital tablets with the most primitive tools (Reason and Garage Band), fragments of the message have already been uncovered: the track called “One” is an invitation to get down with its organs and harmonies. The song “Time,” with its winding and walking electric bass line, closely resembles what modern humans know as a “single,” and will put the most restless soul at ease. The passage called “The Message” may contain answers to the other questions in The Uni Versa, with harmonies like the light of stars and suns bouncing off of the rocky drums and bass, reflecting the dark water of the ocean.

Behind The Message is an abstract message of beauty and love that becomes your own life once you hear it. In the tradition of the Ancients, as well as modern spiritual healers like Bob Marley, John Lennon, and Ghandi, this is true universal soul – as written in the gospel of G&D, spoke Georgia: “whether you sit in a cubicle or you’re homeless or you’re in middle school, this music is for you.” And Dudley did say: “So let the fonk [sic.] set you free.”


01. Ye Old Skit
02. GodUNit
03. On One
04. One
05. Peace Of Mind
06. Time
07. Found
08. U Produced
09. All 4 U
10. Ye Old Skit Too
11. Good Morning Amerikkka
12. P.I.F.O.T.P.H.34
13. War Drums
14. The Stomp
15. Poppa’s Song
16. MDG (feat*. M.E.D*.)
17. Stronger
18. Ye Last Old Skit
19. The Message
20. Uncle Dudley’s Outro

“The Message: Uni Versa” CD will be in stores September 25th on Look Records! Watch Out for the Single “Time / One” to be in stores in early September!

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