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Monday, Jul 30 2007 | 09:49 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Celebrated director Jason Goldwatch captures Dilated Peoples’ epic journey through the music industry in all its glory and disappointments.

“The Release Party” feature film has been 10 years in the making. Follow Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu on their journey captured by longtime friend and collaborator Jason Goldwatch. Witness first hand the ups and downs of the music industry through the eyes of a band. How did the ‘anti-everything’ left-of-center group end up on a major label? What got them there? And finally, what freed them from the major label system? Dilated Peoples spill their guts and take it back to basics, once again breathing new life into independent hip hop. This extraordinary package features 7 new and unreleased Dilated Peoples tracks as well as a documentary that will take you where no other camera has ever been!

Director Jason Goldwatch’s resumé reads like a who is who of hip hop and beyond. He shot videos for Linkin Park, Pharrell, Ludacris, Common, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Hieroglyphics, Eric Sermon, Aceyalone and Kool Keith among others.



Please find the enclosed, the DVD of my latest project, “The Release Party,” a documentary about the legendary hip hop group Dilated Peoples. This feature length film documents the ups and downs of one of hip hop’s most celebrated groups. 10 years in the making, this is a true labor of love for me and I wanted to personally reach out to each and every one of you to explain just how this project came about.

Back in 1999, while attending film school at CalArts, I was making short films with rapper Mad Child of Swollen Members. Mad Child eventually showed Evidence of Dilated Peoples my work. Evidence wanted to make low budget music videos, for his newly formed group Dilated Peoples. So we began shooting no-budget videos, with film school equipment. These videos quickly became cult favorites throughout the underground hip hop scene. As the group’s popularity grew, Dilated began touring the world. They invited me to join them, and of course, I jumped on board and we began shooting our adventures, utilizing the same conceptually driven, experimental techniques we were using in our videos – shooting film, digital video, super 8mm, and photography. Over the years, as we shot tour footage, videos, and back stage moments, my unique friendship with the group grew and allowed for candid moments and a level of honesty rarely seen in films, and especially rare in the rap game.

As time passed, I realized that a story was being born. But, as the videos and tours got bigger, so did the expectations from the band’s label, Capitol Records. This pressure led to cracks in the foundation of this amazing group, and I watched my friends grow weary of the music industry and conflicted about how to continue making their music. Then in 2003, while we were on tour with Kanye West, Evidence’s mom got sick. Ev flew home and she ended up passing away a week later. This seemed to be the final straw. Unhappy with their label, generally grumpy with each other, and disillusioned with the music business, it seemed as thought Dilated was done. Rumors of a break up were only supported by Ev’s disconnection from the world, as well as the group’s hesitation to get back into the studio for Capitol, still having a contract to fulfill.

Then one day … I was there with a camera when Rakaa and gang decided they weren’t going to let the system break them and they returned to the studio. “This will be a fuck you album”, announced Rakaa. And indeed it was. One of their best works to date, “20/20” fulfilled their obligation to Capitol and attempted to set the record straight with their core fans. I kept shooting with them, now beginning to see a structure forming. Eventually, Dilated had ended their relationship with Capitol records, and began work on “The Release Party”, a completely independent album! Made for the people, by the people. Self produced, and released on my own label Decon. Excited to make music for themselves without the pressures of a major label, Rakaa, Evidence and DJ Babu have found new life and energy in their music. It was clear now that I had the happy ending to my movie, which now had a three act structure. “The Release Party” represents not only the history of Dilated Peoples, but a soul-searching journey of a band and their drive to create their music and maintain their careers on their own terms.


Jason Goldwatch

Director/ Co-Founder of Decon

Dilated PeoplesThe Release Party” on Decon is a documentary / anthology about Dilated Peoples (Evidence, Iriscience & DJ Babu) on tour, in the studio, behind the scenes, and much more. Filmed by Jason Goldwatch and 10 years in the making. Plus bonus CD with 7 unreleased songs.



01. Spit It Clearly feat. The Alchemist
02. The Release Party
03. Olde English feat. Defari (OG Version)
04. The Eyes Have It
05. Hot & Cold (Remix) feat. Casual of Hieroglyphics
06. Mr.Slow Flow (Remix) feat. PMD of EPMD
07. ETS Anthem


“The Release Party” Feature Film

The documentary Dilated PeoplesThe Release Party” (Decon) has been released July 27, 2007.

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